April 2015

This Month's Top Story

Interview with the Dean: Is Management Dead?

"Management is Dead, Mankind Killed It." Loïck Roche, Dean of Grenoble Ecole de Management, calls for the return of leadership in companies. As many managers fall down the rabbit hole and focus solely on "managing," they forget their primary objective: to give meaning, recognition and hope that inspires employees in their work.
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Innovative Pedagogy for and by Companies

Companies, business schools and students must all come together to create a more agile work environment that fits with the realities of the professional world. Following the creation of the Ulysses program for first year Grande Ecole students, the Crédit Agricole Sud Rhônes Alpes bank shares with us the benefits of such innovation.
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Launching a New Product in France

Launching a new product is a challenging experience for any company. Today, we look at the challenges faced by Teisseire and the Britvic Group when they launched their product Fruit Shoot for kids in France. The experience was also an opportunity for Grenoble Ecole de Management students to work on a concrete example of a product launch.
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Targeted Skills Training

Current market evolutions continue to occur at a fast pace. For businesses to keep up, agility has become a key ability. In seeking to increase agility, companies must maintain and expand their employees' skills. Certificates offer a targeted approach to skills training that is clear and efficient for companies and employees alike.

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