April 2016

This Month's Top Story 

Company Performance:  Survival is born of solidarity

Success and a positive work environment are not at odds. Dominique Steiler, head of the Mindfulness chair at Grenoble Ecole de Management, proposes a change in paradigm to embrace performance and happiness instead of competition and stress.
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Serious Games: Combining HR Management, Training and Recruitment

Managers from BNP Parisbas Cardif and master's students at Grenoble Ecole de Management collaborated to create three serious games. Discover an innovative approach to training, human resources and recruitment.
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It Pays to Be Polite

Do you underestimate the power of civility in the workplace? Despite research that highlights the positive impact of civility, individuals often overlook the importance of being polite. Yet civility is not only beneficial for organizations. It pays on an individual level as well.
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Effissens: Combining Efficiency and Meaning to Empower Companies

What if you saw economic results as a constraint instead of a guiding principle? Starting with meaning and efficiency instead of economics boosts employee engagement and performance.
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Mara Saviotti