June 2016

This Month's Top Story 

Using Local Currencies to Promote Customer Loyalty?

Charles-Clemens RülingComplementary or local currency systems can provide businesses with strong ties to their local community and help increase customer loyalty.
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Boosting Your Employer Brand

Mazars has developed a full blown digital presence to master its online image and boost its employer branding. Discover a Mazarien's ideas for improving your employer branding.
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Negative Feedback Reduces Employee Networking

Networks are crucial to most employees' success. A solid network provides an employee with the information and support needed to carry out projects and achieve goals. From personality traits to skills or the work environment, many factors can influence an employee's ability to develop and consolidate a reliable network. Recent research at Grenoble Ecole de Management analyzed the impact of performance evaluations on employee networks.
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Managers: Dare to Improvise

 Could improvising at work be one of the key skills behind an excellent manager? Can you learn to improvise at work?
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