March 2017

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Is It Time to Work on the Weekend?

How are markets and capital using new economic models to eat away at our free time on weekends? 

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Easy-to-Read Food Labels Increase Intention to Purchase

The battle for healthy food has become a worldwide concern. Public health agencies have invested energy and resources in fighting health risks such as obesity. In this battle, food...

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Starzik Shares Its Strategy to Beat Web Giants

In 2004 Starzik was on the cutting-edge. It was a small-time French player that was facing off against Virgin Mega and other web giants.

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Auchan Banks on Work-Study Programs to Fill Key Positions

The French retail group, Auchan, has focused on work-study partnerships to help fill numerous key positions. Of its 72,400 employees, 4,000 are work/study students, including 400 from...

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Mara Saviotti

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