May 2015

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Fighting Climate Change: Citizens Doubt Government Engagements

As the dangers of climate change continue to increase, countries continue to interact in the search for solutions to this global problem. In preparation for the United Nations Climate Change Conference? to be held in Paris in December, scientists and politicians look for answers and evidence to help them in their fight against global warming. Joachim Schleich, a professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management, and other researchers, recently unveiled the results of their latest study on German, American and Chinese citizen perceptions of climate change. Citizens in the three countries all agree on one point: The time for action is now!
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Altruistic Management: The Key to Efficient Organizations?

To meet the demands of the marketplace, companies have been forced to follow certain economic models built around maximizing profit and productivity. Yet these models, which often create suffering amongst employees across all levels, are now causing companies a real headache. However, well-being at work and compassionate management provide practical paths for action that can help overcome these barriers.
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HR Innovation through Serious Games

Serious games are used by most HR departments in the majority of CAC 40 companies as well as many small and medium sized companies. They provide companies with benefits such as having managers practice life-like situations, improving efficiency and enhancing internal dialogue. Read on to discover examples of intercultural management training through serious games.
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Employer Branding: Improving My Company's Image via Student Associations

Employer branding and image is a key part of the recruitment process. As some companies, such as large retailers, struggle with a negative image, they test innovative ways to improve their ties to students in business schools. Discover the example of Decathlon and its partnership with one of Grenoble Ecole de Management's student associations.
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