May 2016

This Month's Top Story

How Do Film Festivals Survive and Succeed?

Charles-Clemens RülingWhether it is the Cannes Film Festival or the International Animation Film Festival in Annecy, what keeps the magic going year in and year out?
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Crowdsourcing: Boosting Your Innovation Process

 What is crowdsourcing? Discover five tips for using the mass of internet users to boost your innovation process and discover new products or services.
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Training Managers by Working on a Production Line?

 The noise, the heat, a short deadline... Production lines can put great stress on their employees. By participating in a Caterpillar production line, managers from April used a real-life experience to analyze and re-think their perspectives on management.
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Recruitment Challenges: Targeting International Talent

Dream of finding the perfect talent that combines multicultural and language skills? International campuses can be the first step towards recruiting a rare gem.
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