May 2017

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Troccauris: a Business Model for a Circular Economy?

Three young entrepreneurs launched Troccauris, a collaborative platform to exchange objects and services. The platform is aimed at individuals and relies on a virtual currency to...

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Digital Advantages for Human Resources

Human resources can be at the center of a company’s digital transformation. However, for a successful experience, HR must collaborate with IT and marketing departments. As...

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Recruitment: How Does Ubisoft Rely on Its Alumni Employees?

More than 40 French Ubisoft employees are graduates of Grenoble Ecole de Management. Every year, these employees much like employees from other major schools are called upon by Ubisoft...

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Cybersecurity: the Challenge for SMEs

SMEs are currently a favorite target of cyber-attackers. Why? Unlike major companies, SMEs rarely have an IT department or a process to train employees and prevent digital invasions....

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Mara Saviotti

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