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The impact of the Brexit on European energy markets

The summer 2017 edition of the Grenoble Ecole de Management Energy Market Barometer questioned French experts on their opinion of the impact of the Brexit on European energy markets. They were also asked questions concerning the subject of investment in energy technology.

Key points

  • The impact of the Brexit on the price and security of natural gas and electricity in France will be negligible.
  • The Brexit will lead to the quick withdrawal of French energy companies in the UK.
  • The Brexit will not impact EU goals in terms of global warming.
  • The UK’s exit from the european energy market will have a more negative impact on the UK than other European countries.
  • New energy technologies benefit from a positive investment environment in France.
  • Over the next five years, new energy technologies will continue to progress while natural gas and nuclear sectors will struggle.
  • The French energy transition appears to be kicking into gear.

Global business climate: a significant improvement for Europe

The improvement in the business climate in Europe is mostly carried by optimism in France, which went from 55.5 to 64.9 percent (March and June respectively). It would appear the election of President Macron has had an important positive impact on morale for business leaders in France.

Key points

  • The European business climate increased from 55.7 to 61.2 percent in terms of positive opinions.
  • The improvement was most remarkable in France. For the first time, France is leading the way in this poll on business optimism.
  • The US business climate remains positive (67.4).
  • The uncertainty tied to President Trump has led companies to delay their investment plans, which could impact short term growth.
  • On a global scale, confidence levels are high and match positive growth in most countries

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A practical guide for efficient digital management

Caroline Cuny, a professor and researcher at Grenoble Ecole de Management, recently published a study on digital overload. The study was carried out in partnership with researchers in the Chair for Talents of the Digital Transformation. Digital overload is characterized by a surcharge in information being received from digital channels both at work and at home. The risks associated with such overload are mental stress and burnout. For Caroline Cuny “Neuroscience has confirmed that the human brain cannot multi-task. If it’s overloaded with information, it tires quickly and loses in efficiency. And it’s much easier to reach these limits than we often think.” To reduce this risk, the online guide offers tips and work methodology to help employees and managers.

Innovation: bringing an idea to market

David Gotteland and Christophe Haon, both of whom are professors of marketing at GEM, published a new book on the subject of innovation (in French - L'innovation : de l'idée au lancement. Créer ou développer un produit ou service nouveau). This book offers pragmatic ideas to develop creativity within organizations and generate new ideas. It also develops concepts to turn an idea into an innovative product or service. Finally, it explores how to measure the performance of a new product or service.

L'innovation de l'idée au lancement. Créer et développer un produit ou service nouveau Collection Marketing/Communication, Dunod

TV shows can teach us about management

This new series was co-authored by Benoît Meyronin, a professor at GEM, and Benoit Aubert from the ICD International Business School. It explores modern management challenges in terms of human relations, leadership, markets, customers and innovation. Each of the 13 chapters illustrate and analyze a challenge based on situations experienced by TV characters. How to improve your leadership based on the Borgen TV show? What does Mad Men tell us about marketing challenges? What does MacGyver teach us about innovation?
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  • Julie Hoang, GEM ESC 2000, was named head of marketing and communication for southern Europe at the Husqvarna group. She joined the company in 2015 as head of marketing for Portugal, Spain and Italy. She was previously in charge of customer marketing at Sony Mobile Customer (2014). From 2007 to 2014 she worked for Olympus where she held positions such as product manager and head of trade marketing for Europe.
  • Maxime Habert GEM ESC 2002, has become the delegate general manager for Bitdefender in France. In 2017, the cybersecurity software specialist bought out its primary distributor in France. Maxime was named director of sales B2C in France and francophone Africa. He was previously sales director for Tammago (2015-2017). Before that, he spent seven years as a member of the Blackberry marketing department.
  • Renaud Sibel GEM ESC 1994, was named president of Nexway, a leader in the valorization of digital content. He joins Nexway after having been the COO EMEA at SAP BYBRIS. He was previously General Manager at SAP for Hybris Billing & Cloud Revenu. He has over 20 years' experience in management and strategic sales development for companies with turnover in the hundreds of millions of euros. He has also supported companies of all sizes during their transition in terms of business models.

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