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Public Trust in Health Chair

On September 19th, Grenoble Ecole de Management launched its new chair, Public Trust in Health, as part of the GEM Foundation, School for Business and for Society. This avant-garde chair was created with the support of Bristol-Myers Squibb France, a biopharmaceutical laboratory that is a pioneer in the field of immuno-oncology. The company has pledged its support to foster independent academic research. The chair aims to study and understand the various mechanisms that impact trust in healthcare. Research work will be divided among four themes spread out over three years:

  • What factors are contributing to the crisis of trust in healthcare and how is this crisis unfolding?
  • How does public trust evolve when faced with medical innovation?
  • How can the customer experience help build trust?
  • How can trust be dealt with via the use of serious games?

The chair will build on Grenoble Ecole de Management's recognized expertise in the fields of institutional theory, social evaluation, customer experience and gamification.

GEM Innodays 2017: shining a spotlight on healthcare

On September 18th and 19th, 600 students participated in the GEM Innodays. The goal was to have new students explore innovation challenges in healthcare. The program included scenarios, role-playing, creativity workshops, pitches and the creation of more than 100 innovative ideas! The serious game "Tech it! Health and Well-Being" was used to support the creativity workshops. It was developed in partnership with the new chair on Public Trust in Health and the biopharmaceutical laboratory, Bristol-Myers Squibb France. The game's design was also supported by the French National Agency for Research.

Here are a few examples of the best innovative ideas:

  • In the category "Fostering relationships"
    Fast'Care - an application to connect people in emergency situations with a person who can provide first-aid and is located nearby.
  • In the category "Developing autonomy for a better life"  
    Feel Better eVR'y where - an initiative that uses a virtual reality headset. It enables patient to escape the hospital environment and explore more peaceful and calming environments. Virtual reality sessions would be supported by psychologists and personalized to match each patient's age, sex and illness.
  • In the category "Caring for your child"
    Allergy Free - A silicon box with sensors that can detect allergens. The patient can put a food sample (liquid or solid) inside the box which is pre-programed by a doctor. The box lights up green if the product can be eaten without risk or red if there's a risk. The box can be recharged via USB. It's shock-resistant and easy to use.

If you desire peace, prepare the way for it!

The latest book by Dominique Steiler (Osons la paix economic) deconstructs the paradigm that man is wolf to man. “Who wishes for peace must prepare peace” is the primary concept behind the book. As a senior professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management and leader of the Mindfulness, Well-Being at Work and Economic Peace Chair, his book aims to revive the concept of collaboration in companies. The book builds on research and innovative practices carried out with the chair’s partners: HP, MMA, ARaymond, Milestone Investisseurs, La Boite à Outils…

This research is particularly focused on the link between work, well-being and performance. The concept of mindfulness, which diminishes stress at work, is a primary concept that helps improve employee well-being and performance. Overall, the book aims to provide a different perspective on the economy. Namely, that the fundamental question in economics is a human question. It’s a matter of making sure humankind is at the heart of organizations and companies.

"Osons la paix économique - De la pleine conscience au souci du bien commun", de Boeck Supérieur.

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    • Christel Matrat, GEM ESC 1988, was named director general of Domofinance, a specialist in the funding of energy housing renovations. In 1998, she began her career at BNP Parisbas Personal Finance, where she was in charge of the financial management of partner organizations in France and international subsidiaries. She went on to work in operational management (2009), at Axa as head of partner relationships (2011), and then at Carrefour as part of the major partners management team (2013).
    • Morgane Castanier, GEM ESC 1997, joined HSBC France as head of digital and marketing for the Retail Banking and Wealth Management bank. She began her career at Car&Boat Mediat as head of online and print BTC marketing. In 2005, she became head of marketing and sales at Ipsopresto (Manutan). In 2006, she joined Netbooster as associate director and founder of Pixidis. In 2007, she directed Digital S3G at Sud-Ouest, before joining SFR in 2010 as e-marketing and e-commerce manager. in 2015, she became head of data and strategy for customer relations at SFR.


    Mara Saviotti