News & nominations september 2017

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Director of Innovation and Experimentation at GEM

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) recently appointed Sylvie Blanco as director of innovation and experimentation. She has been a GEM professor of innovation and technology management since 2001. On September 1st she was named director of innovation and experimentation. The creation of this position underlines the school's desire to explore the role and impact of leadership and management on innovation.


Sylvie Blanco holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the Université de Grenoble. She joined GEM in 2001 as a professor of innovation and technology management. She specializes in understanding how to strategically anticipate disruptive technology. For the past 25 years, she has been an active member of the local innovation ecosystem. She is a member of the GIANT committee and she founded the GEM Innovation Campus in 2016.

Continuing Education on YouTube

Grenoble Ecole de Management launched a new video on YouTube to promote its continuing education program. GEM provides companies with custom training programs that adapt to their strategic needs and help employees prepare for upcoming challenges and changes. This offer builds on four primary services:

  • Consulting: GEM provides companies with guidance and advice to successfully implement a training program from start to finish.
  • Engineering education: GEM offers innovative and unique training tools and techniques such as serious games and theater-based learning.
  • Resource management: GEM has the expertise in logistics and project management required to ensure your training goals are achieved.
  • Skill testing: GEM programs include certifications and degrees that can help validate newly learned skills.

Discover the promotional video in which TUI highlights the quality of GEM trainers and the value of training which is a wise investment for any company’s strategic development.

MOOC: Learn About the Digital Transformation

Grenoble Ecole de Management will be launching the second edition of its its MOOC on the subject of the digital transformation. The goal of this MOOC is to share knowledge about the digital transformation of companies, skills and jobs. Four themes will be discussed over the course of four weeks.

  • How can a company implement a digital transformation?
  • What is the importance of marketing for a company’s digital transformation?
  • From design to service offer and industrialization, what are the steps of a digital transformation?
  • Is the digital transformation a social or societal issue?

The MOOC is designed for professionals working in services or industrial companies that would like to digitalize their services and understand the impact this transformation will have on the organization, its culture and its employees.

Third edition of the MOOC Save and Invest

GEM recently launched the third edition of this Mooc. . It was designed to help individuals gain a better understanding of the various investment options at their disposal. This latest edition will be supported by a book published on the subject of financial markets. The book was co-authored by Philippe Dupuy, Patrice Fontaine and Joanne Hamet, all three of whom are professors of finance.

Useful information for the MOOC

  • It’s free!
  • Length: five weeks with approximately three hours of work per week
  • Five units: the role of finance intermediaries, how financial markets work, the organization of the financial system, financial tools and portfolio management, understanding bank statements
  • Videos, articles, images and games all available online
  • A certificate of success upon completing the MOOC.


  • Cécilia Cassou-Deleau, GEM ESC 2001, was named sales director at Mars Chocolate France. She will be in charge of the company's sales development and ensure the success of the Mars Wrigley Confectionery Project. She joined Mars Chocolat France in 2004 as regional manager. She held several other positions within the company (major accounts manager, client marketing manager and national accounts manager).
  • Julien Grandry, GEM ESC 2004, became a consultant in the mergers and acquisitions department at Baker & McKenzie. He has also been a lawyer in Paris since 2005. He practiced at Chain Lacger and associates before joining August Debouzy in 2007. In 2012, he joined Baker & McKenzie to participate in the launch of the Casablanca office.
  • Maxime Habert, GEM ESC 2002,  was hired as Bitdefender’s B2C sales director for France and francophone Africa. His previous experience in this field includes work for The Phone House, Beijaflore and Tamaggo. Starting in 2005, he spent seven years working in marketing at BlackBerry where he had jobs in France and Southern Europe.
  • Fabien Grobon, GEM ESC 1991, was appointed general director of Stade français. He was previously the financial director of the Roland Garros Tournament and the director of strategic development at the French Tennis Federation.  In 2010, he led the organization committee for the World Equestrian Games before beginning becoming the director general of the EEM.  He was also recently the deputy director general for Expo France.
  • Emmanuel Baltyde, GEM ESC 1997, was named director of strategy and marketing at Cromology, a world leader in decorative paint. As a result, he also joined the executive board. He started out as a strategy consultant at Ernst & Young before joining the Hilti group.  In 2011, he joined the security division of the Honeywell group. Since 2014, he had been the strategic marketing director for the group.  
Mara Saviotti