July 2017

This Month's Top Story

Anosmia: a Research Chair to Raise Public Awareness

Approximately 10% of the world population suffers from a partial or total loss of smell known as anosmia. This condition is often irreversible and can cause individuals to become...

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Creating a French Tech in Singapore

In 2010, Adrien Barthel (GEM ESC 2010) moved to Singapore in order to develop Carrefour’s first e-commerce platform. Seven years later, after several professional experiences in...

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Healthcare: Providing Doctors With Team Management Training

In 2013, a pilot program was launched to train French doctors, pharmacists and department heads to better understand team management. This program was a turning point in the management...

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FNAC: an Internship to Discover First Hand the Challenges of Customer Relations

The FNAC retail group partnered with Grenoble Ecole de Management to train its directors and managers throughout France. As part of this partnership, the FNAC Beaugrenelle in Paris...

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Mara Saviotti