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April 2018

This Month's Top Story

Why Is La Boîte à Outils Investing in the Well-Being of its Employees?”

“To become the favorite company of our employees, customers and suppliers by 2022.” This is the ambitious goal of La Boîte à Outils, a company that employs 1,800 employees...

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General Data Protection Regulation Increases Company Responsibility

The European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a guiding legal framework to manage personal data. The goal is to better protect the privacy of European internet users. As a...

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Improving Your Recruitment Strategy: a Smart Investment

Having the right recruitment strategy can have a direct impact on company performance. By improving the recruitment process and reducing mistakes, a company can save over the short and...

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Startups: How to Test Your Business Model?

Innovative startups often have to adapt existing business models or invent completely new ones. As a result, creating the right model can be a tricky and costly experience. By...

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