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April 2019

This Month's Top Story

Territorial Ecosystems in Transition Chair: Grenoble leading the way for change

The “Inclusive Sustainability: Territorial Ecosystems in Transition” Chair aims to support the evolution of lifestyles and economic models at the...

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Are you curious about economic peace?

On May 14th, Grenoble Ecole de Management will launch the first Economic Peace Trophies, which will reward...

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How to increase value by co-creating with customers?

Co-creation with customers, as exemplified by Lego, is an approach that is increasingly relevant thanks to digitalization. What are the most efficient models to implement co-creation...

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GEM juries: a great match for professionals

Every year, more than 800 professionals participate in admissions and graduation juries at Grenoble Ecole de Management. By combining the expertise of working professionals and GEM...

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