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Benefit from a student assignment

Benefit from student expertise to solve business challenges : does your company have an idea to explore or face a new or recurring problem? Looking for a fresh perspective? Bring your proposal to us and benefit from the expertise of our students.

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Integrative Projects

These are assignments, proposed by companies on the basis of real cases, which are entrusted to a team of 3 to 6 students with mixed profiles and varied backgrounds (initial and continuing training). The team explores the proposed problem for 3 to 8 months in interaction with the company and submits a report with recommendations at the end of the assignment.

To note:

Open to any company or organization
In French or English according to the students' experience
Two waves of project submission: from April to July and from September to November

Propose a Project

Submit your problem to us via the contact link indicated on this page.
Our team will direct the project towards the training program whose theme is the most adapted to your subject.
You will then be put in touch with the program manager to set the framework and objectives of the mission for the students.
Finally, you will identify a contact in your company, who will be able to accompany the students in their mission and answer their questions.

The Advantages

To benefit from the creativity and external perspective of students from a dynamic environment pushing for innovation.
Target potential and recruit your future employees by testing in real conditions the skills and know-how of our students.
Showcase your company, increase value of your employer brand, and share your vision with the managers of tomorrow.

Thematic areas of the assignments

The assignments proposed to our students extends across the thematic areas of the Grenoble Ecole de Management courses, mainly:

  • The energy, health and biotechnology sectors
  • Data and artificial intelligence jobs, purchasing, human resources and finance
  • How the company operates in terms of innovation, business development, entrepreneurship, business model, customer experience, service marketing, digital transformation, strategy and management, and international

Examples of recent student project:

Transformation of the Information Systems department

  • Challenge: to understand the necessary evolution of the skills and organization of the Information Systems department at 3/5 years in relation to the stakes of the company and the evolution of technology.
  • Objective: to create recommendations to build the 3/5-year strategic plan of the Information Systems department
  • Client: a company in the microelectronics sector

Predicting energy consumption

  • Challenge: the accuracy of our customers' predictions of electricity consumption for the next day is a key factor in our commercial strategy. We must therefore constantly challenge existing models to predict as accurately as possible.
  • Objective: to create a report of existing prediction methods, and evaluate them based on clients' actual data.
  • Customer: GEG

Opportunity analysis in organic agro-food and environmental field in B2B and B2C

  • Objective: valuation study of a portable immunological analyzer in the agri-food and environmental field.
  • Company: IMMUNOMAG

Positioning ERGOSUP hydrogen production technology on the "Power to Gas" market

  • Objective: study of market positioning of ERGOSUP technology in the "Power to Gas" market (advantages of the ERGOSUP process compared to the "conventional" hydrogen sector, national / international market benchmark, identification of the relevant actors to meet.
  • Company: ERGOSUP

Unique tool for taking customer orders

  • Challenge: make the company's current tool the only tool for taking customer orders (autonomous or accompanied) with a wider selection of products (Range Extension, MarketPlace)
  • Objective: audit of the existing system, audit of customer needs, project plan, POC
  • Company: wholesale distribution company
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