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Boosting Your Employer Brand

The digital world has created the need for recruitment 2.0. Social networks and various digital media have come to play an important role in employer branding. However, implementing a successful digital recruitment strategy requires a coherent approach that provides the right audiences with the right content.

To better understand the challenges of mastering your online image and employer branding, Mazars shares various actions the group has used with success. Mazars is a global audit and consulting group that works with more than 17,000 professionals in 77 countries. The group is a leader in the management of its employer branding. In February 2016, Mazars was ranked first among 120 French companies in the category for social media performance.

Develop targeted services

Olivia de Faÿ, head of recruitment, Mazars France.

"Recruiters a very keen on e-reputation. Fifty-three percent of them use social networks and 48 percent use Google to learn about potential candidates." explains Olivia de Faÿ, head of recruitment at Mazars. In response, the group created the website

The website offers you a free and confidential tool to detect any information about yourself that is publicly available through your LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. As a result, users can check for any sensitive information a future employer might find out about them. The tool has garnered much success as it counts more than 100,000 unique visitors.

Use the right channel to communicate the right message

"Whether it's through a website or social networks, the content you share has to be coherent with your strategy and your audience. We focus on our key messages: Who is Mazars? How do we work? How do our employees live? We communicate the answers to these questions through all major channels including ones that are adapted to mobile users. The goal is to create an image that is an accurate reflection of our company." says Olivia.

The Mazars Facebook page, which primarily attracts students and recent graduates, shares daily posts about life and current events within the group. The objective is to create interest with potential candidates by using humor and being informal. "On the other hand, LinkedIn is really a recruitment-oriented tool. Our Twitter account, which was launched last year, has more than 3,000 followers and provides us with a 'real-time' communication channel." adds Olivia.

The group communicates daily on Facebook and Twitter following a specific strategy established for each network. YouTube and Instagram help round out the group's communication by adding videos and photos of Mazarien life which are mostly oriented towards students in business schools and universities. Snapchat is the last of the social networks to be added to the group's communication tools. "Our Snapchat account is used by our interns. Every week, they share 'snaps' of their experiences within the company." 

Create interest with major web events

To help capture the attention of its target audience, Mazars organized two important online actions. In September 2014, the group launched an animated web series about employee life in the company. "We created a work group with the goal of producing one minute episodes about life at Mazars. The episodes were aired every 15 days from September to December via our digital platforms in France. says Olivia.

Each episode had little blue characters who played out funny and interesting scenarios from professional life such as meeting with a client or our integration week at Mazars."

The results of this web series include 35,000 viewers and more than 40 interviews with news outlets to discuss this innovative initiative. 

In January and February of 2015, the group launched their "Dynamic CV". This online and interactive tool allowed users to work on and perfect their résumés. The tool has already had  50,000 visitors and created 5,000 résumés.

The group also won the first place for interactive communication at the festival Films & Compagnies in La Baule. Mazars was recognized for its operation "Looking for Talent" which was launched in September 2015. The idea was to create an interactive and unique experience that allowed internet users to immerse themselves in the Mazarien universe. By using information collected from a candidate's LinkedIn profile, the website creates a film trailer.

"The trailer is for a film in which the hero is the candidate. And the hero is charged with the mission of finding the perfect candidate, who turns out to be the hero!" concludes Olivia.

Updated on 06 July 2017 at 4h09 pm