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Creating a Shared Management Culture

In 2013, the Hardis Group decided to train all of its managers through Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) in order to create a coherent strategy and encourage better ties, collaboration and creativity among its employees.

By training its 50 managers, the Hardis Group aimed to create a collaborative spirit and encourage proactive behavior. "In 2013, we created the Hardis Group by bringing together all of our business units which had initially been created independently. As a result, we had to create a coherent vision that aligned with our values and strategy. The goal was to put our employees at the heart of the business in order to improve our global offer and the services we provide our clients." explains Marie-Agnès Brochier, HR director for the Hardis Group.

Staying aligned with the group's strategy

GEM and the Hardis Group collaborated to create the PI'Learning (Program Initiative learning) training course. The program took place over three days from March to June and was divided into six modules. "We did a lot of work beforehand to understand the group's needs and expectations." underlines Marc Jeandot, a professor at GEM and in charge of the program's pedagogical content. The managerial training program was integrated into the Hardis Group's "Competence Capital" initiative. The goal of this initiative was to capitalize on the group's expansive skill set which despite being very rich, was also spread out across many geographic locations with no cohesion. "Our desire was to improve the sharing of ideas and give employees the freedom to take action. Managers play a key role in initiating, communicating and leading projects. We asked them to bring their team members in on this effort. But it was essential that they understand the objectives before communicating them to others." adds Marie-Agnès Brochier.

Creating ties between employees

One of the keys to a common management culture is the simple fact of knowing each actor, no matter their level in the organization. To develop this connection, the first afternoon was dedicated to a theatrical role playing game. "Participants were unsettled, but the activity went right to the heart of the issue: to act together and dare!" says Marie-Agnès Brochier.

The concept is all the more true when a company wishes to implement collaborative development. All of the Hardis Group managers, from the head of a BU to local managers, came together to participate in this training program. "They were able to exchange on their practices and challenges while getting to know each other. The results of the training program meet our expectations. Every manager said: 'What a pleasure it was to come together and get to know one another!'" says Marie-Agnès Brochier.

Encouraging creativity

The Hardis Group encourages collaborative work where creativity can come from each and every individual. The key is for employees to dare express their ideas. "Innovation grows out of ideas taken from all of our employees who each know their job and their field. They must not be afraid to express ideas. By sharing ideas, we can help them grow into something more." concludes Marie-Agnès Brochier.

Updated on 10 July 2015 at 4h19 pm