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Digital Thursdays

Digital Thursdays (Les Jeudis de l’Entreprise Digitale) are conferences created on the initiative of Ecole de Management des Systèmes d’Information de Grenoble (EMSI) a school of Grenoble Ecole de Management  (GEM)

On a rhythm of a conference a month, the EMSI invites experts of the academic world or the world of companies to share with the participants their knowledge and their experiences on news headlines of the Management, Technologies of information, the Innovation and the Entrepreneurship.

Among the last handled subjects: Information and communication technologies and globalization, the internet of things, smart grids, the cybersecurity, the ethics in a company, Watson, …
Les Jeudis de l’Entreprise Digitale contribute to the life of the ecosystem of the digital technology in perpetual evolution and participle to the dynamics of Digital Grenoble (French Tech).

The information on the conferences to come is available on a dedicated blog in the previous month the conference. Following every conference, the key messages shared as well as a number of links to know more about the approached subject are available and freely downloadable.

The conferences are open to the students and to all the people interested in the subject according to availability (compulsory registrations )