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Omni-Channel Digital Marketing for a Positive Client Experience

 The digital era is fully upon us. Companies, small and big, are constantly working to overcome the challenges of this digital revolution. While many digital marketing tools have enabled companies to grow their brand, the challenge of the future lies in creating an omni-channel marketing strategy. In other words, giving clients a seamless positive brand experience across all channels of communication from computers to mobile devices to in-store shopping.
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The Film Industry: Innovating through Digital Bricolage

The question of how to manage large-scale projects that rely on various professions and teams spread out around the world is an essential part of the film industry. Digital bricolage has helped build a framework that guides this process while still leaving room for creativity and innovation. Discover the power of digital bricolage through this focus on the special effects industry.
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Working with "Digital Natives"

Digital Natives (DN) are between the ages of 18 and 25 years old and are hyperconnected everywhere, every day. What are the implications of integrating DNs in a company? What role do DNs play in a company's digital transformation? Discover four key points that are essential to take into account when recruiting a DN.
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Innovating to Attract Recent Graduates

Recruiting recent graduates now requires companies to explore and adopt new codes of communication. Discover an example of this evolution with Mazars and their digital recruitment campaign.
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Updated on 04 June 2015 at 4h13 pm