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Cultures and Organizations in International Relations - course start

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Explore whether cultural, institutional and environmental differences can be overcome to create a more cooperative world.

Examine whether global cooperation is possible despite cultural difference

We live in a wonderfully diverse world, but with difference often comes conflict. Is global cooperation between humans possible despite their cultural, institutional, and environmental differences? Do ideological confrontations endanger international cooperation?

Find out with this course exploring organizations and cultures across the globe. Evaluate beliefs about the “clash of civilisations” and examine whether our world really is becoming more liberal.

Duration: 4 weeks
Weekly study: 3 hours
No prerequisites

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Learning outcomes

  • Improve your knowledge in international studies (including history, theories of international relations and international economics.)
  • Compare the way international institutions and national states address the fragmentation of World politics and policies (with the help of intercultural and organizational studies).
  • Reflect upon economic, demographic, geographic, and anthropological data.