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Feedback J.P.Morgan - GEM Finance Bootcamp

GEM finance society student Camille Hutt reports back from her interview with Alexia Krigitsky (operations Supervisor Geneva, GEM ESC 2010) and Kevin Vasku (Middle Office Trade Support, GEM MSc 2017).

How is it to work at JP Morgan? What is the corporate culture in the firm?



“I think team work is even more important in Operations than in other divisions. In that division, the goal is not to attract capital so the team works together to make sure that the processes are the best they can be to satisfy the clients. We must solve problems and take actions.

When someone does something good, it benefits the whole team. Moreover, there is always someone to listen to you when you have something to say or to propose. People try to motivate each other, raise their hands and do things better. I would say that everything is about the team.”



“There are four principles at JP Morgan: integrity and responsibility, an exceptional client experience, operational excellence and team work. Our goal is to have people operating according to these principles on the daily basis.

If someone has the information, the knowledge, he/she is happy to share it with the team so at the end of the day the whole team is more performant.

JP Morgan also has a corporate culture of diversity. The firm has more than 40 nationalities in Operations, and everyone makes sure that everybody feels involved and part of the team.

In the firm, if you want to learn and grow as a professional you have all the opportunities to do so. You should deliver the level expected or even go beyond, so you can have even more responsibilities. The goal is to build your knowledge and then move between the different departments becomes a possibility.

The team and the work you do with others are the biggest parts of my job.”


Tips from Alexia to  GEM’s students who want to work in Finance :

“The most important things are to be curious and do your research.

Before going to an interview, do your homework and show some curiosity, read about the main challenges of the company… Have the maturity to learn by yourself”.

Updated on 03 October 2017 at 3h06 pm