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GEM Foundation, School for Business and for Society

Our Foundation

Fostering Human And Responsible Management

In 2016, our activities will be reinvigorated by the creation of the Grenoble Ecole de Management Foundation ─ School for Business and Society. As our society and businesses face major uncertainty, constantly changing technology and new economic models, the school's foundation provides a collaborative framework to accelerate our understanding of new challenges and create innovative solutions.

The foundation is geared towards fostering human and responsible management in order to create added value that respects the goals and needs of each member of our society.

Founding Members: Aryballe Technologies, Orange, Socomec E'nergys


Become A Sponsor

Support Research

We are committed to listening to your needs and developing partnerships that will enable you to overcome societal challenges.

In concrete terms, this can translate to joining an existing research chair or creating a new chair in partnership with the foundation. By doing so, you directly support our researchers in their efforts to understand emerging phenomena, identify future challenges, and create tools that unite us to overcome economic and human barriers.

As a sponsor and partner, you will have privileged access to our research teams, their expertise and Grenoble Ecole de Management's renown. Depending on your level of support, we can personalize programs to meet specific needs.

The foundation is led by an executive committee comprised of representatives from our sponsors as well as qualified leaders. We are committed to being transparent in terms of how your funds are used.


The foundation operates under the auspices of the Foundation of France. Your gift is considered to be a form of patronage and therefore benefits from associated tax advantages.

For companies that pay french enterprise taxes:

Your gift is tax deductible up to 60% within the limit of 0.5% of your turnover (before taxes). If your gift amount exceeds this limit, you can carry the excess over the next five years (Art. 238 bis of the C.G.I.).

For individuals :

Gifts are tax deductible up to 66% within the limit of 20% of your taxable revenue, and up to 75% for the IFI (Tax on Estate Fortune).

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