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The GEM Grants Fund

Fonds de dotationGEM today wishes to finance social and performance grants for deserving students. The Fund concerns both companies and private individuals who seek to encourage this societal and civic approach to modern education. .

What is the mission of the GEM Grants Fund?

Its aim is to finance grants for deserving students who wish to benefit from the teaching offered by a major French Grande Ecole.

It is an opportunity for you to participate intimately in the activities of one of France's leading Business Schools (ranked 21st. in Europe by the Financial Times). The GEM Grants Fund offers two types of award:

Social Grants

are for assisting those facing financial difficulties.

Grants for Excellence

Recognize exceptional talent and exemplary performance. They will allow us to attract young international talent to Grenoble Ecole de Management, where they will pursue their advanced studies.

They are also available to help high level sportsmen and sportswomen in their reconversion through advanced education.

Why should you support our mission?

Become a donor

  • you will help fight social and cultural discrimination by allowing under-privileged students to access numerous advanced level training programs,
  • you will make an important contribution towards encouraging high level international students to come to Grenoble, a global centre for advanced technologies,
  • you can become a patron for a high level athlete during the period of their new training.

Corporate and private donors

A Grants Fund is, in France, a financial instrument that allows public, non-profitmaking organizations such as universities and schools to receive donations aimed at assisting a person to fulfill their education. It also offers fiscal advantages for the donor as payments received by the Fund are considered for tax purposes as sponsorships.

  • Companies in France that are subject to company taxation may benefit from a tax reduction of up to 60% of the value of their donation (limited to 0.5% of their turnover - Cf. Article 238bis of the French Tax Code);
  • Private individuals benefit from a reduction in their French revenue taxes equal to 66% of the sum donated, limited to 20% of the taxable revenue (Cf. Article 200 of the French Tax Code). There is no reduction of the wealth tax.

All donors receive a fiscal receipt for their donation.

Updated on 25 September 2018 at 11h33 am