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Innovating to Attract Recent Graduates

Recent graduates account for approximately 70% of recruitment at Mazars, an international audit and consulting group with almost 14,000 employees worldwide. The company's digital strategy, in particular on the Facebook page for Mazars France, illustrates their innovative approach to human resources. 

A conversational platform

In 2012, Mazars launched its digital communication strategy for recruitment. The company's new website and its platform for direct exchanges, "Camp'us", offer an innovative approach to interactions between internet users and company employees. "The strategy was to reinforce the free exchange of ideas and discussions to encourage transparency." explains Camille Zoppardo, in charge of Candidate and Brand Communications. The company's job offers are published via the Mazars digital ecosystem and social networks which then direct candidates towards the website. Using social networks means opening the door to conversations, comments and sharing. But for Mazars: "Dialogue and transparency are core values."

Unconventional communication

Since last October, Mazars has left the beaten path and launched a humorous web series that is not afraid of a little self-mockery to attract students and recent graduates from business schools and universities. Mazariens, Doing It Differently is a series of 10 one-minute episodes that are based on the everyday work habits of employees. "We decided to differentiate ourselves by illustrating how it's possible to do a very serious job while still having fun." adds Camille Zoppardo. In keeping with the spirit of exchange, graduates are invited to vote for their school on the Facebook page of Mazars France. The school with the most votes by November 24th will be featured in the last episode of the web series.

An organization structure to match

Company culture and work environment are crucial factors for recent graduates, a fact that Mazars has clearly understood. Episode three for example is titled "Mazariens don't do work like others." The episode speaks frankly about the issue of workloads: "At Mazars, when we finish our work we can leave work!" In other words, the hours you put in aren't as important as your efficiency.  This company culture of openness and innovation is also exemplified by internal contests. Last year Mazars launched an internal animated gif competition. The success of this internal operation made for a highly successful Tumblr.

Mazars defines itself as a 2.0 company and is constantly following digital trends and changes. New surprises are in the works for candidates in 2015. will soon be refreshed with a new mobile first responsive design.

Updated on 08 March 2018 at 10h57 am