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International Company Days

Looking for international talent?

Be recognized as a global partner

Your company functions in a international environment in France or you offer VIE, graduate programmes or roles abroad?
We can offer you the opportunity to interact directly with multilingual international students.

Depending on your activity sector and targeted competencies, we can set up tailored actions with the programme director.
The aim is to showcase your expertise and position you as a potentially preferred employer with students from one of the following degree programmes:

  • Masters in International Business
  • Masters in Marketing Management
  • MSc in Finance
  • MBA

    These students come from over 30 different countries, study in English and often speak several languages. They are constantly challenged, working in a multicultural context.

Different potential actions

  • Intervene in class and create a "learning by doing" opportunity to illustrate your expertise on a specific subject.
  • Meet with a group of pre selected students for dinner ( at the company's expense) . An ideal moment to share your company culture and discuss informally about potential careers and motivate students to apply.
  • Host a company visit and provide a glimpse of what the student's future might look like.

company visit

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