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June 2018

This Month's Top Story

Five Major Changes Will Impact the Managers of Tomorrow

Our current economy is undergoing major evolutions in five fields: the environment, technology, organizations, economics and philosophy. Our future economic approach will have to...

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Sales Incentives: Balancing New and Remanufactured Goods

Selling remanufactured goods offers an excellent opportunity to increase profitability and recycle used products. In addition, remanufactured goods are generally cheaper to produce and...

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Parity Starts During Education: WoMen@GEM

For 30 years, studies have demonstrated that companies perform better when their board of directors are gender neutral. It’s simply a matter of being able to take advantage of...

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On a lu pour vous

How Can You Create a Reliable Innovation Process?

Innovation is essential to the survival of a company. However, three studies(1) published by the Product Development and Management Association highlight the fact that only 15% of...

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