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Learning Expedition by GEM Labs

Providing immersive experiences, inspiring managers and leaders in the face of technological transitions and showing an active commitment to sustainable and responsible innovation – these are all challenges that GEM Labs addresses, along with its partners and students, with the shared goal of increasing value. 

Our Learning Expeditions help businesses to transform....

Informations pratiques

Any type of company that wants to find solutions collectively and that wants to reinvent itself.

• Between 1 and 2 days depending on the issues you are facing

1-Day Training: €6,500 excluding taxes
2-Day Training: €9,900 excluding taxes

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Grenoble Campus

French and English

The Goal

One of things companies constantly need to do is evolve regularly and change.
Technological advances, organizational growth, evolving consumer demands, more and more new ways to collaborate... These are all challenges for organizations and their teams.

At Gem Labs, we are convinced that experience through immersion, taking on a learning journey, and collaborative innovation are the "best ingredients" to promote change.


Team building, inspiration, innovation methods and tools, serious games, phygital experiences, collaborative workshops, new technologies…
How well structured is your company/team? Do your organization's goals and vision need to be challenged? 
In our immersive platforms, explore, collaborate, and experiment as a team!

Take advantage of GEM Labs' platforms and know-how to immerse yourself in your team project:

  • Challenge and share a common vision, take advantage of and boost your team. 
  • Strengthen team co-operation, get a breath of fresh air, increase the desire to collaborate. 
  • Change your perspective by experimenting with our immersive scenarios and innovative tools.
  • Experience open and collaborative innovation
  • Try out new technologies. 
  • Boost your creativity
  • Build on the results to shape your organization

Our Learning Expeditions

  • Get started, get inspired, and rethink your innovation strategy as a team!

    GEM offers a Learning Expedition comprising several immersive innovation scenarios based on real-life situations, hosted in GEM Labs, Grenoble:

    • serious games in the Playground,
    • customer experience in the BIZ Labs,
    • collaborative and open innovation sessions in the TIM Lab

    This Learning Expedition is available over 1 or 2 days depending on your issues and challenges:

    • Standard 1-Day Rate: €6,500 excluding taxes (with scribe/reporter)
    • Standard 2-Day Rate: €9,900 excluding taxes (with scribe/reporter and 2 days of preparation)

    For both (with work elements, usable/reusable deliverables)

  • Develop other perspectives, challenge visions, identify trends, collaboration models… Work together to create a new roadmap…

    Members of your company become members of an "Innovation Basecamp" within a "diverse" team.
    They will leave as a team, define an objective to be reached, and move forward together on a path adapted to their specific problem. They will leave thinking differently, seeing things from a new perspective, able to work according to collaborative innovation methods and tools, and with the ability to evolve their project management practices.

    This Learning Expedition is available over 1 or 2 days depending on your specific issues and challenges. Depending on the duration, they will leave with a common vision, their problem brought into clearer focus, and with deliverables that can be acted upon and passed on.

    • Standard 1-Day Rate: €6,500 excluding taxes (with assistance, 1 day of preparation, 1 platform)
    • Standard 2-Day Rate: €9,900 excluding taxes (with assistance and 2 days of preparation)

Learning Expeditions Highlights

  • GEM Labs is a 5,000 m² (53,819.55 ft²) business lab dedicated to innovation, with immersive platforms that reproduce real environments and allow for "authentic" situations
  • Effective tools: monitoring, value mapping 
  • Expertise in gameplay mechanics (gamification) and the adoption of new technologies
  • Personalized work on strategic projects
  • Possibility of involving our students

Who Can Benefit from Our Learning Expeditions?

  • Members of a management board, team leaders, actors of change in the company
  • Teams working on strategic issues to keep their company in the running...

But also unions, public sector stakeholders for collective action, business incubators.

At GEM LAB, we welcome various groups, including:

  • A manager and their team
  • A management committee
  • A project team
  • A company and its partners

Get involved

If you are interested in our Learning Expeditions or would like to create a custom one, contact us!

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