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MIB testimonials

Lukas Blum MIB Grenoble

Coming from an engineering background, it was difficult for me to find a suitable program that would equip me with a diverse skillset in business administration on a Master’s level. In GEM’s MIB program I found exactly what I was looking for.

The program is extremely fast-paced and has certainly been among the most challenging experiences of my life.  However, at the end of it I had a well-rounded understanding of marketing, finance and general management. The truly international nature of the MIB has amplified my learning and put it in a global context.
The network you establish during the program is also key. Not only did I find life-long friends, but a network of peers I can fall back to throughout my career.

The university’s career service and connections have been another decisive factor. Upon completing the taught part of the program, I was accepted for a summer internship with Bloomberg in London. Among my diligent preparation, I hugely credit the career service team for their help throughout the rigorous application process. Leveraging my MIB experience, I decided to join Porsche for my Master’s thesis, before being recruited for the international management graduate program at OSRAM. The Master at GEM has truly boosted my career start and has set me on a trajectory, I am certain I would not be on if it was not for the MIB.

As with any high-ranking degree, it is up to you what you make of it. The university’s reputation, the professors’ teaching and the staffs’ relentless efforts can only do so much to launch your career. The MIB offers you an opportunity second to none, seize it and you will benefit immensely!

Umberto Zucca, MIB Berlin

During the period 2017/2018 I had the great opportunity to follow the MIB track as double-master track, on the new off-site campus located in Berlin.
The MIB has been the perfect step for my international growth: after experiences in Italy, France and Switzerland the program has been a real milestone for my personal and professional development. The challenging environment given by the multicultural class and the city has been capable to provide me new sources of reflection and different points of view.
Moreover the variety of subject faced in class has been a perfect test to develop transversal skills and knowledge, providing me the competences and the basis required in a great number of fields, also the degree of internationalization has been relevant, allowing me to build up a CV suitable for multiple countries and markets.

Franziska Rienks, MIB Paris

With a Bachelor degree in Marketing, I enrolled in the MIB programme on the Paris Campus of Grenoble École de Management in order to complement my existing knowledge in international business and management, and improve my French language skills.

The curriculum of the programme can only be described as intense, with 22 modules being taught in only 9 months. Due to the course organization, students have ample opportunities to work together in multinational teams, which has been a challenging but rewarding experience that contributed considerably to my cultural awareness, teamwork and leadership skills.

After finishing the taught part of the course in May, I started a six-month Internship within the Marketing department of an international fashion house based in Paris.