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2016 GEM Digital Day: Phygital, or Reinventing the Physical Store

GEM DigitalDay 2016
Published on
08 November 2016

The 2016 GEM Digital Day will take place on December 6th at the World Trade Center in Grenoble. This year’s theme? Digital, Society and Business. The event will include conferences, workshops and roundtable discussions to explore the impact of the digital revolution on our society and businesses. One key theme this year will be the phygital store, or how the digital world is reinventing our view of physical stores. More than forty experts will participate on a variety of themes such as luxury, democracy, electronic music, robots and algorithms, cybersecurity, e-health, blockchain, growth hacking, and women in IT. 

To introduce this year's event, we speak with Renaud Cornu-Emieux, who is head of the Grenoble Ecole de Management Chair Talent for the Digital Transformation.

What are the primary objectives and who are the main partners for this fifth edition of the GEM Digital Day?

The main goal is to provide food for thought and a variety of visions for digital actors to consider when implementing their digital strategies. The event will share concrete examples. The idea is to foster exchanges between a variety of actors involved in the digital transformation. We also aim to involve students so they can discover this revolution as well as the jobs and skills they will need to participate in it.

There are several new concepts for the 2016 edition. A LABS space will enable real-life demonstrations and exchanges about the digital transformation. There will also be a pre-event evening at the Belle Electrique. The Union Internationale des Télécommunications is a partner of GEM DigitalDay. The event is organized by Grenoble Ecole de Management via its Chair Talent for the Digital Transformation. Other collaborators include Digital Grenoble (French Tech in the Alps), Innovallée, Clust'r numérique, Cigref, Adira, Orange, Hewlette Packard Entreprise and Socomec.

One of this year's themes is the phygital store. Could you explain?

Whereas the digital transformation is often perceived as a constraint for many sectors, the distribution and sales sector is in fact facing pressure from consumers who want to see stores evolve and become more digital. Currently, digital options for stores are lacking. For the most part, the digital evolution of stores is limited to e-commerce platforms set up alongside physical stores.

However, the digital revolution will enable distribution and commerce to create unique experiences for each customer. Integrating digital tools in stores offers several possibilities such as the ability to research online and purchase offline all the while paying with your smartphone, or the ability to have augmented reality experiences to discover products and services.

These new approaches are being tested in the connected shop located in the GEM BIS campus. A roundtable discussions will enable event participants to listen to and exchange with commerce companies that have started implementing these types of connected shopping experiences.

This year's event is also the precursor to developing a major event in 2017. The idea is for the 2016 GEM Digital Day to serve as preparation for the launch of a Digital Week in 2017. The week will be organized in collaboration with Digital Grenoble. Can you tell us more?

We will present the project during the 2016 GEM Digital Day. French Tech in the Alps had the idea of launching in 2017 a digital event that will probably be a week long. During the event, we will be able to focus on a variety of digital themes related to business and society. The event could be spread out over the entire French Tech in the Alps territory from Valence to Annecy, Grenoble and Chambéry. The 2017 GEM Digital Day would be a highlight of the event.

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