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Are you curious about economic peace?

The first Economic Peace Trophies will be awarded on May 14th, 2019 in Grenoble.
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15 April 2019

On May 14th, Grenoble Ecole de Management will launch the first Economic Peace Trophies, which will reward public and private organizations that are implementing changes to improve human relationships and organizational environments.

The workshops and Economic Peace Trophies Ceremony are free and open to all, but registration is required.
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The inauguration ceremony will shine a spotlight on innovative processes and the desire to do better. The event will be a first on an international level to support and encourage the development of virtuous practices in organizations.

Organized the by the Economic Peace, Mindfulness and Well-Being at Work Chair, the Economic Peace Trophies aim to promote effective actions that tend towards economic peace and common good. By highlighting initiatives implemented by companies, the trophies will recognize and share the realities of implementing such projects both in terms of successes and difficulties. The event will enable organizations to connect and exchange about practices in order to promote a pacifist business network that encourages sustainable performance, reasonable actions and collaborative approaches.

Experts on economic peace

The 14th of May will include numerous activities to build ties around the subject of economic peace. Professionals will lead workshops during the afternoon at the Grenoble City Hall with the participation of jury members.

  • Economic peace: stakes and transformations: A workshop led by Agnès Muir Poulle from the Economic Peace, Mindfulness and Well-Being at Work Chair. It will offer an opportunity to hear and exchange with pioneers in the field of economic peace. The workshop will highlight the stakes and challenges of this transition towards respectful management practices that support a culture of economic peace.
  • Dare to think “I”: A workshop led by GERME, an association that offers managerial training to transform economic performance and individual development in companies. Frédéric Dufau-Joël, Director of Information Systems at La Boîte à Outils and President of GERME, will share his values and practices based on authenticity, dialogue and cooperation within companies.

Trophies to reward emerging initiatives

At 7PM at the MC2 Grenoble, the Trophy ceremony will reward emerging initiatives. More than 500 people will participate in the event including business leaders, managers, employees, civil servants, journalist and students.

The trophies will focus on highlighting and rewarding the means implemented by organizations rather than the ends. Trophies will be awarded on the basis of a company’s intention, experience and collaborative dynamic to encourage greater well-being and performance at work. Three categories will be recognized: personal development, management styles and organizational level changes. A Grand Prize will also be awarded.

The Economic Peace Trophies jury will be composed of individuals from partner institutions that are active in this evolution including business leaders, political leaders, thinkers, students and civil servants. Alan Doss, president of the Kofi Annan Foundation, agreed to be the president of this first Economic Peace Trophies ceremony.

Perspectives on economic peace

The evening will also include a round table discussion about the challenges of economic peace in the world of tomorrow. Experts participating in the round table will share insights on economic peace from the perspectives of the individual, company, society and media. Round table participants will include:

  • Edgar Morin, Philosopher and writer
  • Delphine Ernotte, President of France Télévision
  • Fouad Abdelmoumni, Human rights activities and economist, Morocco
  • Gilles Vermot-Desroches, Director of Sustainable Development, Schneider Electric
  • Gilles Vanderpooten, General Manager, Reporters d'Espoirs
  • Dominique Steiler, Head of Economic Peace Chair
  • Alexandre Schabel, Director of “Le créateur de liens” agency, event host

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