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Bloomberg Singapore - Company Visit

Published on
02 March 2017

MIB and MSc Finance students from Singapore Campus visited Bloomberg Company as a part of the Career Center initiative on 2nd March 2017.

"We were joined by students from the MIB campus for the visit which allowed us all to meet our fellow classmates from GEM Singapore. We were met by Bhumika who started by introducing to us the culture of the company. It was interesting to see how they had designed their office with no cubicles or doors for meeting rooms in order to emphasize on transparency and trust in the company, especially since it is a platform for sharing news.

After that, we were all shown the pantry to get snacks in order to prepare for the seminar that they had organized. We were told that employees from different departments met there and built relationships irrespective of their positions in the company as their company ids only have their names on them.

Following that, we were led into a conference room where we were given further insight about the company. We were shown a video about the company and its values. We learnt that the fact checker for the Presidential debates was Bloomberg because of the speed of accuracy that they have. We were informed that their main business functions are Data, Analystics, News, Communication, Enterprise and Service (DANCES-the acronym used by another employee). A lot of us learnt a great deal in terms of the sheer scale of their business across continents.

We were also given an introduction to analytics from Leonie who showed us the Bloomberg terminal and its functions. The platform allows all users to be able to chat with each other and communicate instantaneously with customer service representatives. The amount of information that we could sift through was definitely mind-blowing. We could see all the ratios and financial comparables that we have been calculating earlier in class so it was interesting to see the practical aspect of what we are studying at the moment.

As for the internship/entry level positions, we were informed to apply through their careers website in global data and Analytics since those are the two departments with entry level roles. They look for people with effective communication, attention to detail, ability to learn from mistakes, ability to move fast and thoughtfully among other characteristics in their pool of applicants.

Overall the visit was fruitful for all students in my opinion. I personally learnt more about Bloomberg’s functions and was interested in their presentation throughout. I liked the fact that they have a flat hierarchy that allows employees to open up to each other. Being in a place where transparency and trust are the core values, would allow anyone to feel welcome and contribute positively to not only the company but also to their personal growth."

MSc Finance, Singapore 2016-2017