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Boost Your Career: Earn A Certificate In Company Finance

Certificat en Finance d’Entreprise
Published on
13 February 2017

Grenoble Ecole de Management’s new certificate in company finance was designed to help professionals working in finance develop their skills and transition towards positions of leadership in financial departments. The course materials can also be adapted to meet the needs of employees in fields other than finance. The goal of the course is to provide participants with all the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to be successful in a finance-related job. The first certificate will be launched in September of 2017 and will be held on the GEM Campus in Paris.

The certificate is based on a collaboration between Grenoble Ecole de Management and Bärchen, a French specialist of finance education. It aims to facilitate the training process for financial and non-financial workers.

"The course is divided into three parts: The first module is dedicated to sharing fundamental knowledge needed for company finance. The second module covers specifics such as balance sheet operations. And the third module explores the management of risk and cash flow. Each module is followed by an exam. Upon successfully completing the third and final exam, participants will receive their certificate," explains Camille Franchon, who is in charge of company finance training at Bärchen and who has also been a Grenoble Ecole de Management trainer for the past five years in the field of finance.

Each of the three modules will last 80 hours. The first module will be launched in September 2017. Half of the course will be taught by Bärchen trainers and half by Grenoble Ecole de Management professors.

Combining expertise in the field of finance

The partnership between Bärchen and Grenoble Ecole de Management brings together the expertise of both organizations in terms of company finance. The certificate was developed to share this expertise with professionals in industry and sales. "Since 2004, Bärchen has been the leader of financial training in sectors such as banking, insurance and major corporations. This certificate enables our group to expand its training offer in terms of company finance," says Camille. At Grenoble Ecole de Management, Stéphanie Boyer is in charge of the MSc in Finance and is an associate professor at the school. She explains that: "The Certificate in Company Finance is largely based on our MSc Finance, which is ranked 12th in the world. The first level of certification (Financial Management) was initially only available to our graduates of the MSc in Finance program."

In addition, this certificate qualifies under French legislation to be funded by an employee's training account (Compte personnel de formation). To obtain the complete certificate (RNCP), participants can see their prior work experience counted as part of the validation process.

Who should participate in the Certificate in Company Finance?

This certificate enables participants to increase their career perspectives. It is designed to meet the needs of various profiles, including:

  • Employees in the finance sector who wish to expand their skillset
  • Employees who would like to re-orient their career towards finance (e.g., employees with professional degrees or bachelor's degrees who would like to advance towards management positions in finance departments)
  • Non-finance employees who would like to learn about specific financial issues. For example, engineers can choose to learn specific finance-related skills in order to boost their career and take on positions that require skills in finance.

More about the Certificate in Company Finance

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