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Career Conference - Company Day Singapore

Published on
02 March 2017

Conference by Christophe Barel, GEM alumnus (ESC 2008) on M&A in the Asia-Pacific region.  

M&A and associated regulatory developments in Asia-Pacific

Christophe Barel has been working in Singapore for 2 years as Sales Director for Mergermarket Group which is an M&A data provider firm.  

The discussion was first on the different dynamics of M&A: what are the most dynamic markets currently: Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia or Africa & Middle East? And what has been the trend in 2016 compared with 2015. We tried to explain how M&A transactions have been impacted by the different events that happened in 2016 and what can we expect for 2017.

After this, Christophe talked about the biggest deals of 2016 and the legal issues that we should consider like the antitrust rules. We talked a lot about the antitrust regulators which are really important in the M&A daily life. This part was really interesting because a lot of students did not know what the exact work of antitrust regulators was and how they proceed to investigate M&A transactions.

Finally, Christophe focused more on M&A in Asia as we are located in Singapore, explaining the problematic of the Asian market, how it works and what the specificities of M&A in Asia are.

In conclusion, the presentation was interesting and we learned new information, in particular about antitrust regulations.

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