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Published on
16 March 2017

GEM had the pleasure to welcome 2 partner companies on its Paris campus.

Although impressive in terms of turnover and employees, both companies are in the B to B Business and most of their achievements remain quite unknown to the final consumer, even more for a student would I say. So it was with great interest that the Paris students from MIB program attended the conferences.

Amadeus company

Amadeus started the afternoon with Mathilde TRON, recruitment specialist, who gave us an overview of this big company, founded in 1987 by 4 airlines: Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia and SAS.

Amadeus was created to ease travelling and provide a global solution to travel agencies and airlines, which were the first customers. Now Amadeus expanded their scope of services towards hotels, railways, cruises and in 2016, they helped 1.3 milliard passengers to board. They have offices all around the world and are truly involved in international mobility for their employees.

The working language is English and their main offices are located in Germany, Spain and France (Sophia-Antipolis near Nice the main R&D Centre). There are 2 campuses in Nice that are offering all kinds of facilities to the 3800 employees and the culture is quite close to GAFA campuses. They are recruiting around 200 interns/year.


Faurecia company

While Amadeus representative was interviewing some selected students face-to-face, we welcomed 3 representatives from Faurecia: Prisca ZANELLY, Siegrid TARTANSON and Tingchao GE, who was a former GEM student and currently works as a Sales Efficiency Engineer.

Faurecia is the 6th largest automotive and is leader in 3 activities: Automotive Seating, Interior Systems and Emission Control Technologies. They are of course recruiting engineers but financial and commercial profiles are highly praised. Actually there is a very narrow collaboration between all the different functions (commercials, R&D, finance, on site production) in order to offer their final  customers the best proposals and win the call for bids. They are working with all major car makers, from low cost to luxury as their main customers are German.

Currently they are focusing on sustainable mobility and the cockpit of the future. It is truly an international company as well. Although headquarters are in France, the working language is English and they have offices all around the world to be close to their clients. So it is quite easy to relocate from one office to another. The company presentation was followed by Tingchao’s testimonial.  After a 1 year internship for Christian Dior, she was hired by Faurecia and has been working there happily for about 2 years.

They are hiring 150 young graduates per year and 600 interns.

At the end of the conference, Faurecia representatives met a few selected students as well as some unexpected ones, convinced by the company’s potential.

Both conferences opened our eyes to those companies who are truly and regularly looking for international business profiles like GEM’s.