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Company Days London - 23th & 24th March 2017

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04 April 2017

GEM students on the London campus benefitted from 2 days of workshops with our recruitment partners to boost applications ; Lisa Jane Perraud, Head of Corporate Recruitment Relations shares with us this feedback.

During these 2 days, we exchanged with TK Maxx, Salesforce, AlphaSights and Tableau who were all exceptional hosts and partners for recruitment opportunities. We also had an event focusing on entrepreneurial exploits and trends where we networked with  alumni from different companies.

We were delighted to have a different format of events that contributed to improving the skillsets and the understanding of career opportunities for the students. The companies definitely “played the game” illustrating their cultures and job opportunities through case studies, pitches and swot analyses and business scenarios.

TK Maxx

TK Maxx even opened their stores early to students who then evaluated the different sectors before presenting their SWOT findings to junior and senior buyers. Katinka ( GEM BIB alumnus) shared her story to date on the graduate programme and was pleased by her promotion to a senior analyst position within such a short time. Students were definitely impressed by the autonomy given to young graduates and the company culture which resonated through all the testimonials.


Salesforce hosted us for an amazing lunch and afternoon where students pitched as if Salesforce reps to a company of their choice: great to see the different approaches of the student groups even with the same brief! Power packs given as prizes to the winning team and an individual prize given to Axelle for being an exceptionally convincing speaker J

Benoit ( MIB alumnus) then shared his experience and answered students about the company culture and the agility necessary to work in such a fast moving industry. Strong interest was expressed for both the sales and success graduate opportunities by the students.


AlphaSights welcomed us for breakfast before kicking off with a case study for the students to break down how they would pitch a client to participate in a project. A veritable “learning by doing”approach to formulate a framework in this fast moving consulting industry where their role is to develop their business as a “knowledge broker”. The high point of the morning was watching GEM BIB alumnus, Linus give a live demonstration of contacting an expert to join them on a particular project.


Tableau delivered a hands on training session to the students on how to present data in new and exciting formats, even after 2 hours, the students cried out for more ! Johanne ( GEM alumnus) then shared her excitement at having joined the marketing team early in their development in Europe and motivated the students to join this fast growing software company.

Ralph Lauren

Andi, ( MSc Fashion , design and luxury alumnus working at Ralph Lauren)  in the EMEA marketing team conducted an informal session with the students of the challenges  and excitement of working in the luxury clothing sector. Many were amazed to learn of the diversification initiatives and marketing approaches…students were delighted to learn of the Palazzo club in Milan and discover how tailored customer service was definitely an art.

Our thanks to our recruitment partners and let’s evaluate the success in terms of application statistics…TO BE CONTINUED...WATCH THIS SPACE!

If you are interested in participating in our company /career days, please contact:


I appreciated these career events as :
- Small number of participants: in this way, the recruiters were not overwhelmed with applicants and could dedicate more time and energy to every potential candidate
- Case studies and presentations
- The mix of the companies available
- The networking cocktail + book presentation: very useful and fun at the same time. I had the chance to meet a manager of Accenture and hand her my CV (this was totally unexpected!!).
- Organization: simply perfect. 
Vittorio Comi, MSc ISE

During these two days, I learned about companies I did not know and I have been advised how to apply for internships, this was great !
I loved the Tk Maxx company presentation and going to their shop to do their SWOT analysis. They looked so happy to be in that amazing work culture, I was almost jealous ! Because this is really what I am looking for ; a firm where I feel good and where I enjoy coming every day to work with a team I like. I also appreciated going in the different companies' offices, see their open space, how they work, and honestly they looked amazing. It was also very interesting to learn about Tableau company and know how to use their software.
We should do more “company days” like this !
Laura Feiguel MSc Marketing