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Fighting against gender inequalities with WoMen[at]GEM

Lutte contre les inégalités de genre : WoMen@GEM veut donner l’exemple
Published on
06 March 2018

WoMen[at]GEM; Grenoble EM focuses on the potential of an alliance of women and men to fight against gender inequalities

'At GEM, we believe that women and men must work together in order to fight prejudices and stereotypes and create a more balanced work environment. That's why WoMen[at]GEM was launched in June 2017' explain Susan Nallet and Mark Smith, its project leaders. Susan is Director of Careers, Alumni & Employer Relations at GEM and Mark is Dean of faculty.

The name of the WoMen[at]GEM project bears this conviction, with two capital letters in the word WoMen, W and M. The role and awareness of men as well as women being one of the means of action prioritised by the project. WoMen[at]GEM is part of GEM's strategy to become a School for Business for Society. In other words: to do more than just training and research and to provide concrete solutions for major human challenges.

4 major ambitions for the next 5 years

  • The training of responsible citizens in order to prepare future managers to recognize and face the challenges of parity and bias in the professional environment
  • Equal access to opportunities for GEM students, alumni and collaborators
  • Assist GEM's corporate partners and society at large to move towards gender equality through research, recruitment and exchange of good practices
  • Finally, to be aligned with its convictions, GEM wishes to become a model and a reference for gender equality among French and European Business Schools

the 10 first accomplishments of woman[at]gem

  • Approx. 50:50 parity on the executive committee of GEM & parity of students on all programs
  • Creation of a company crèche
  • A dedicated research Chair: FERE (Women and Economic Renewal) which aims to contribute to the development and economic renewal of European territories by focusing on the contribution of women
  • A dedicated GEM Alumni community, in association with “Her Century” (global organization for the advancement of women), which offers a series of mentoring activities
  • Career workshops for students and graduates: sexism workshop, focus group with students, speed-networking interactive session and personal branding
  • A special issue of GEM Alumni Mag: Gender balance & Performance
  • Several dedicated events including a conference "Ordinary sexism: from denial to visibility" led by Brigitte Grésy, General Secretary of the Higher Council of Professional Equality between Women and Men, which highlighted the basics of sexism at work: how it operates, its consequences and how to respond to it.
  • Creation of the student group "Re[at]gir" whose objective is to educate and coach students against gender stereotypes - particularly in the context of student associations and multicultural environments
  • The Doctoral School published a special issue on "women and doctoral education” in 2017 on the challenges and benefits of a doctoral training for women
  • GEM teachers have been encouraged to integrate gender equality topics

key actions to come for 2018

  • Encourage gender-based preparation for job market
  • Promote equal representation of women and men in all activities, levels and categories
  • Mentoring to help women advance their careers
  • Diffuse information on the rights of victims of bias or harassment
  • Encouraging research at national and European level on equality
  • Communicate on women's success in business and gender-balance initiatives
  • Gender equality into the training of teachers