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The Grenoble Geopolitics Festival adapts to the crisis

Le Festival de Géopolitique de Grenoble joue la carte du tout digital
Published on
06 February 2021

The 13th edition of the Grenoble Geopolitics Festival will take place from March 22-26. Thanks to the added expertise of “La Fabrique du Festival de Géopolitique” in 2020, the 2021 edition will be held entirely online. It will include more than 30 conferences and workshops in short, condensed formats that will particularly target economic actors.

"To adapt" was the guiding principle for the organizers of the 2021 Geopolitics Festival at Grenoble Ecole de Management. The strategy is an extension and byproduct of the events that so marked the year 2020.

"We have two challenges: first, to offer perspectives on the disruptive changes created by the health crisis in terms of global social-economic models, the chaotic situation in the US… And second, we have to reaffirm our position and ambition to provide economic actors with the tools necessary to adapt, in particular in areas related to information management and strategic anticipation," explains Jean-Marc Huissoud, director of the Grenoble Geopolitics Festival.

Conference themes for 2021 will include topics such as: "Globalization and mobility", "Telecommuting: a forced change full of opportunities!", "New issues faced by companies", "Reducing climate change, a strategic change", and "Disease and mankind".

"La Fabrique du Festival de Géopolitique" : a positive change for a digital format

In the face of the sudden Covid-19 crisis, the Geopolitics Festival had to adapt quickly. As a result, throughout 2020, the organizers set up a series of thematic conferences known as "La Fabrique du Festival de Géopolitque". This series of monthly conferences replaced the festival as it was initially planned. Now, in addition to the 2021 Festival, the Fabrique will continue throughout the year. The next one hour conference will be held on March 9 with the AXA Group (see box below)

The advantages of this new format? "Every month, these digital conferences have been fun and immersive for participants. Interactions are easy and rich, and participants are highly motivated. Looking back at 2020, this new format definitely earned the approval of everyone. As a result, we've gained valuable knowledge for future Geopolitics Festivals, which will certainly be organized with a combination of physical and digital formats," says Jean-Marc.

50 % of participants are professionals

The balance of participants evolved with the creation of the Fabrique. "Professionals make up 50% of our audience. Teachers, students and the general public make up the other half. This digital format is promising and offers a good framework. We will be expanding it to cover other topics throughout 2021 thanks notably to our HyFlex rooms at GEM, which will be used for digital conferences much like a TV station," concludes Jean-Marc.


Is risk cultural?

Are we all equal when faced with changes that occur daily throughout the world? On Tues., March 9 at 11AM, the Fabrique conference series offers a digital conference on the theme of equality in the face of risk. While this issue may not seem highly important at first, it is in fact essential. To understand how others relate to life, violence, beliefs, wealth… This offers us an excellent means to measure the role and importance of culture in our capacity to adapt to social changes.

Conference speakers:

Katsuyuki KAMEI, Research, University Kansai, Osaka, Japon Benoit CLAVERANNE, General manager of international and new markets - AXA Laurent GRIOT, Professor and Researcher of geopolitics, Grenoble Ecole de Management Moderator: Jean-Marc HUISSOUD, Director of the Geopolitics Festival

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