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An immersive new game to better anticipate ethical dilemmas

Finethics est un nouveau serious game immersif créé en collaboration avec des professionnels de l’entreprise et des étudiants dont le but est d'aider les futurs leaders à construire leur engagement éthique.
Published on
13 November 2019

The Kerviel, Mediator, horse meat litigations… scandals and malpractice spare no sector. Would the people involved have made the same decisions at different times in their lives? Do they agree with the decisions they made?

To react better in the face of a moral dilemma, one must practice. This is what Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) offers with Finethics, a new immersive serious game created in collaboration with business professionals and students. The goal is to help future leaders build their ethical commitment.


The first script: Ethics in finance

Thanks to virtual reality, the player finds himself propelled in his first day as a bank manager during a probationary period. Just like in real life, the day is filled with meetings and customer appointments. It is up to him to play the game now! "We don't expect good or bad answers. The important thing is the emotions that the player goes through and the analysis he makes of them. He has to make choices with which he will agree or not. The game also allows the player to test his limits in a protected environment. After the session, we help the player build awareness of the dilemma and help him deconstruct it. He must have all the necessary tools in hand to choose a professional field that suits him best," explains Arnaud Raffin, professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management and Finethics co-designer. This script was first intended for the exchange and best practice network "Finance of tomorrow" led by Arnaud Raffin. It takes place in the banking world but the game's designers aim to develop new scripts with professionals from other industries. Watch this space…

Finethics, a tool first intended for the exchange and best practice network "Finance of tomorrow"

"Finance of tomorrow" objectives:

  • Train individuals in accordance with their career choices
  • Build awareness by helping future accountants and auditors be more aware of the ethical dilemmas they may face in their career.
  • Understanding the next generation: helping companies better comprehend the next generation and evolve with it to stay on top of the game.

The network's tools:

  • A serious immersive game to practice what it is like to go through ethical dilemmas, based on scripts suggested by companies
  • Student/business duos: sponsor pairs (business professional) / godchildren (students or recent graduates) for a more individualized approach.
  • Access to documents (including exclusive interviews conducted by students in businesses), available on the dedicated "Finance of Tomorrow" members website

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