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LVMH: a Strategy to Attract Future Talent

Published on
18 April 2017

As a world leader in the luxury industry, the LVMH group includes 70 unique brands such as Guerlain, Dior, Givenchy, Kenzo, Moët & Chandon and Luis Vuitton. We speak with Julien Chetot from the Employer Reputation team at LVMH to understand their vision and strategy in terms of promoting the group to potential talent.

What was the goal of LVMH Day at Grenoble Ecole de Management last February? 

By launching an LVMH Day for schools, our goal is to share with students the diversity of opportunities and jobs at LVMH and its associated brands. It's a unique event that brings together group employees who are often school alumni to exchange with students about their projects and career goals. It's an opportunity for students to have a concrete vision of what their career could look like in our industry. They can also discover the various challenges and stakes in our sector.

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LVMH is the world leader of the luxury industry. We have 70 unique brands that all have different characteristics. The goal is really to share this diversity with students. LVMH Day also includes the participation of HR representatives from each our five divisions. This enables students to identify the next step in the process of joining LVMH.

Why is Grenoble Ecole de Management one of your recruitment targets?

With more than 130 interns and work-study students every year, the school's training methods and digital approach are well-recognized in customer service sectors. GEM is one of our recruitment partners because of the quality of its training programs, and in particular, its Fashion and Luxury program based in London, Paris and Grenoble. We are partnered with this program and it enables us to identify potential talent that could join our group as interns and later as employees.

One of your priorities is to promote LVMH to students. How are you implementing this strategy?

Joining LVMH means joining one of our brands and developing a career in an ecosystem that unites 70 different brands. We want to share this reality with students. It's important for them to go beyond the fantasy of our products and discover the realities of working in our group. We're implementing this strategy through various actions in the field. For example, at Grenoble Ecole de Management, students were able to participate in the event Inside LVMH, which was held on November 22nd, 2016. Participants were able to take part in reflections on innovations for the luxury industry. The initiative was bolstered by a master class taught by Bernard Arnault, the group's CEO. Students were able to visit several of our brands in Italy and France as well as exchange with Patrice Wagner, CEO of Bon Marché.

LVMH is looking to recruit new profiles that are less focused on the luxury industry and more oriented towards sectors such as finance or digital services. What kind of profiles are you currently looking to recruit?

No matter the position you might apply for in the group, our recruitment process and career development is built on the foundation of our core values and long term vision. Innovation and creativity are part of our DNA. They ensure the success of our brands. Creativity and innovation are two factors that play an important role in the delicate balance between renewing our offer to meet future demands and continuing to respect our history.

Agility is another key value at LVMH. Our group is a decentralized organization that favors efficiency and the ability to react quickly. This encourages individual initiative while clearly delegating responsibilities to each actor. Our business spirit is one that encourages risk taking and perseverance. You also have to be practical and know how to mobilize teams to achieve an ambitious goal.

Finally, we're looking for excellence. Throughout the group, there can be no compromise in terms of quality, both for the product and the customer experience. We represent the finest and most noble expression of handcrafts with a meticulous attention to detail and perfection. As a result, excellence is the guiding light from product to end service.

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