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News & Nominations April 2018

Lastest news in GEM


A GEM Program for Asperger Profiles

Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM) has partnered with C3R (Centre Ressource de Réhabilitation pyscho-sociale et de Remédiation cognitive) to create a new data program designed for Asperger* profiles and companies that wish to recruit students from the program. The goal is to facilitate job employment for Asperger profiles by meeting growing demands for employees with data skills, a sector that is expected to have 900,000 unfilled jobs by 2020.

New data-ready employees

Companies that would like to benefit from this program will be able to recruit an employee who is trained in data skills with expertise, efficiency and rigor. Coaching will also be provided when the new employee joins the company in order to train his or her team members. Individual follow-up will be implemented by GEM to optimize the performance of the new employee. Open to high school graduates with Asperger's, the program will alternate between online and in-person classes over the course of six months. The program will open in January 2018.

*Asperger Syndrome (also known as Asperger's) is a form of autism that is associated with advanced cognitive abilities as well as specific interests or repetitive behaviors that create significant difficulties in terms of social interaction.

What are the consequences of Facebookgate?

Last March, after a breach of personal data the hashtag #DeleteFacebook started showing up to encourage users to punish the world's leading social network by closing down their accounts. But, will your data really be deleted once your close your account? Or will it still be available to the private sector and public authorities?

To learn more, catch up on two articles (in French) written by Nathalie Devillier and Yannick Chatelain, both professors at Grenoble Ecole de Management.


  • Caroline Poissonnier, GEM ESC 2008, was named director of the family business, the Baudelet Environnement group, which specializes in treating, valorizing and securing waste. The promotion comes after her nomination in 2015 to the position of deputy director. She worked for two years in HR resources at another company before joining the group as head of communications. In 2012 she took charge of human resources and piloted the group's strategy and governance.
  • Emilien Eychenne, GEM ESC 2008, co-founder of Adikteev, a specialist of digital marketing, became chief revenue officer. His mission is to support managers in the development of strategies and revenue for various offers. He began his career as director of Délices et Tradition in 2008. He was sales director of VK Immo in 2011 and co-founded Adikteev in 2012.
  • Alexis Morcaut, GEM ESC 2016, became an investments associate for Christie & Co, a firm specialized in expertise, evaluation, transactions, consulting, funding and insurance. His mission will be to develop the VEFA activity and support the conversion of offices into hotels. He will also support portfolios and single assets for corporate clients in France, Italy and Belgium. Since 2016, he had been an analyst at Accor Hotels as part of the Asset Management France team. He then joined the UK development team in London.