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News & Nominations April 2019


What meaning can be found in a digital strategy?

The research chair for Talent of the Digital Transformation recently published a new work on the subject of finding meaning in  a digital strategy. The guide offers questions to rethink meaning in a digital environment based on recent research work in the field of psychology. The booklet covers the five senses and a diverse list of approaches to encourage specific sensorial feelings that can enhance a consumer’s experience in physical and digital environments. The publication offers marketing professionals scientific knowledge on which to examine and implement marketing techniques in digital environments. It also offers support for students and entrepreneurs looking to manage digital communication and marketing strategies.

The guide is available for download free of charge


  • Séverine Hervet (GEM ESC 2006), was promoted to associate in the Audit and Consulting department at Mazars France. From 2010 to 2018, she had been a director in the Audit and Consulting department.
  • Frédéric Clairet (GEM ESC 1998), was promoted in the Corporate Finance department at Mazars France. He was previously a manager at Deloitte Finance (2001-2006). He was senior head of business at Oddo BHF Corporate Finance (2006-2007). He then re-joined Deloitte Corporate Finance as M& team director until 2015. From 2015-2018 he had been director of the Corporate Finance department at Mazars France.
  • Djivan Djierdjian(GEM ESC 2010), became executive director of Siamp, a company in Monaco specialized in the production and sale of bathroom equipment. Djivan will work on developing the company’s international reach through its six production locations in Brazil, India, Monaco, Russia, Turkey and Vietnam. He will also continue to implement the company’s strategy for service innovation.
  • Augustin Alle (GEM ESC 2016), became an associate at the business bank Capitalmind. Capitalmind employs 65 people in Europe, including 35 in Paris.