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News & Nominations April 2020


Student missions: a unique online portal for companies

As of April, Grenoble Ecole de Management will launch a call for projects with its partner companies. Companies interested in participating for the next school year can submit projects that will enable GEM students to carry out a field mission. Companies now have a unique access point for their questions and offers. In concrete terms, companies can submit their proposal via an online portal and the proposal will be automatically sent to various program heads at the school. This new portal simplifies and clarifies the project offers from partner companies. Proposals should be for missions that address specific company challenges (purchasing, innovation, digital transformation…) for a length of 3 months to one year.

MIT Global Startup Workshop 2020: sustainable projects during the Covid-19 crisis

Despite the Covid-19 crisis, Grenoble Ecole de Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Global Startup Workshop (MIT GSW) and various sponsors were able to confirm their participation in the MIT GSW Elevator Pitch Competition and the Sustainable Society Startup Challenge. Both events were held online.

MIT GSW 2020 Elevator Pitch Competition (EPC)

The Elevator Pitch Competition was designed to identify potential projects in technological transformation that would have a positive impact on a sustainable society. The projects were evaluated on the relevancy and innovativeness of their solutions as well as the clarity and quality of their presentation. Participants submitted 1min30 videos and were evaluated by a panel of judges. The projects had to be in the preparation stage or just starting to launch.

First prize was awarded to Salvatore Raddino, co-founder of Seeingrobot. His solution, MiMi, offers a new cane format with a camera and rollers that uses artificial intelligence to guide visually impaired users. 
Watch his pitch

Second prize was awarded to Nicolas Cault, a student in the Advanced Master's Entrepreneurship at GEM. He created the project Ludico, which is a fun initiative to help students expand their vocabulary and master their eloquence.
Watch his pitch

MIT GSW 2020 Sustainable Society Startup Challenge (SSSC)

The Sustainable Society Startup Challenge focuses on projects with a positive, sustainable impact on society no matter their development phase. Finalists prepared a five minute pitch and pitch decks, which were evaluated on the basis of relevancy, added-value, market opportunities and the quality of their management team.

The first prize was awarded to Jules Hammond and Marie Berthuel, founders of BeFC Bioenzymatic Fuel Cell. The startup developed a biofuel molecule from paper that offers a sustainable energy solution for low tension electronic devices (devices that are currently powered by lithium batteries or non-recyclable batteries).
Watch the pitch

Second prize was awarded to Marie Poulle and Gilles Moreau, who are employees at the recent Grenoble startup, Lancey Energy Storage. Their project aims to develop the first smart, electric water heater with an integrated battery and energy management system.
Wathc the pitch


  • Olivier Blum, GEM ESC 1993,was named general director of strategy and sustainable development at Schneider Electric. He joined Schneider Electric 20 years ago and held various positions in sales, marketing and development before becoming general manager of Schneider Electric India, followed by executive vice-president of the distributed products division, and most recently, global director of HR. In June 2019, he was named HR Director of the year, a prize that recognizes the impact of HRDs in a company's development.
  • Gaylor Cornuault ,GEM ESC 2005, was promoted to marketing director at Clementoni France. He previously spent nine years as head of marketing and development for the Italian toy manufacturer. Gaylor began his career as product manager for TF1 Games. He then joined ESPAS-DUARIG, a French company specializing in sports. In 2008, he joined VTech, a major player in the toy industry. Two years later, he joined Clementoni.
  • Alexina Portal, GEM DBA 2012, was promoted to director of HR at Wendel, where she also joins the board of directors and executive management committee. She was previously director of organizational transformation programs. Alexina began her career in 1992 as a financial analyst at Unisabi (Mars group). In 1995, she became an internal auditor at Case (Tenneco group). In 1996, she joined PeopleSoft as director of training centers, followed by director of marketing and communication. In 2002, she became director of marketing, communications and strategy at Euriware.
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