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Cybercrime: Training for Managers


Larisa RIBOT
04 76 70 64 62

In 2015, 81% of French companies suffered a cyber attack. High-risk applications are used every four minutes. Over the past three years, data leaks have increased by 400%. And 35% of cybersecurity incidents were caused unintentionally by company employees. How can you better prepare managers to prevent and manage the risks associated with cybercrime? Grenoble Ecole de Management and EPITA were approved to deliver a training program that prepares participants to pass the professional certification for the management of information security and risks (MSRI).

The program includes content such as anticipating risks and taking corrective measures to fix a security breach.

The training program will run until March 2018 in Paris. It will include 52 days of training spread out over seven months. Classes include expert input on cybersecurity and case studies. Applicants must have a master's degree or equivalent as well as a minimum of five years' work experience. TOIEC or equivalent proof of proficiency in English will also be requested.

Open Door Day at GEM


Martine Favre-Nicolin 
04 76 70 60 13

Take advantage of GEM’s open door days on Saturday, January 13th in Grenoble and Saturday, February 10th in Paris.

Do you have questions about short or longer training programs? Are you wondering how to combine work life and studies? Do you want to study in French or English? In Grenoble, Paris or abroad? Come discover our campus and explore a variety of training options offered by GEM depending on your sector, interests or level of study.

From 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m., our teams will be available to answer your questions about programs, admissions, funding, work/study or study abroad programs. GEM students will also be present to share their experiences both at school and during their career. Come discover our campus!

New Literature from GEM Alumni (the sequel)

Guillaume Cravero, GEM ESC 2000, and Barbara Albasio are the authors of a practical guide (Créative attitude – Pour inspirer, motiver, collaborer et innover en entreprise) on the subject of developing a creative attitude to inspire, motivate, collaborate and innovative in business. This publication will help you express your unique characteristics and develop collaborative style while managing and leading with confidence. The guide includes more than 50 experiences shared by leaders, managers, artistes and experts. There are also seven case studies and eight exercises to help you develop a creative attitude.

Créative attitude – Pour inspirer, motiver, collaborer et innover en entreprise. Barbara Albasio et Guillaume Cravero Dunod.

Laurent Latorre, GEM ESC 1998, William Réjault first published their book (Le chemin qui menait vers vous) in 2011. This interactive French novel is a mix between anticipation and thriller. It was initially published as a downloadable book for iPhone and will now be available to everyone. "The violent death of Nicolas Sarkozy was the catalyst. Set just before the 2017 presidential election and following the latest gas and oil crisis, France is in chaos. With Laure, his fiancée, and three other friends, Guillaume prepares a crazy project: to walk all the way to the Pays Basque where his parents live.

Le chemin qui menait vers vous. Laurent Latorre et William Réjault. Robert Laffont.


Pierre Martin, GEM ESC 2011, joined Sofimac Régions as director of investments. He began his career at the Siparex group, one of the first independent French capital investment groups. His latest responsibilities were to lead strategy and development for the Ubique group.

Mara Saviotti

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