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Digital Open Door Day

At 10am on January 9, 2021, Grenoble Ecole de Management will stream a webconference to present its programs on the Grenoble and Paris Campuses. The 100% online, interactive open door day will invite future Grande Ecole students to discover the school and the curriculum options. Program directors will participate in order to offer virtual tours of the school, meet GEM teams and understand the key strengths of the GEM experience (international exchanges, work/study, career coaching, career opportunities, student associations…).

The Digital Open Door Day will also enable you to exchange via videoconference with our students and advisors in order to choose the program that best matches your needs. Advisors will be available for each of our program levels (post-high school, bachelor's, master's, advanced masters).


GEM invests in 32 Hyflexrooms

During the 2020/21 school year, Grenoble Ecole de Management invested 1.2 million euros to ensure its development, the training of teaching staff and the creation of 32 hybrid classrooms called "Hyflexrooms". This new system enables teachers to simultaneously give class to students in the room and online. This disruptive technology and its associated educational method is a precursor of the future of education in a post-covid-19 world.

As of January 1, 2021, the school will have 32 Hyflexrooms: 20 on the Grenoble Campus, 5 at GEM Labs and 7 in Paris. Each classroom will be able to hold up to 40 seats (excepting two rooms that can seat 120), and also accept up to 300 simultaneous connections. A theoretical capacity of more than 10,000 spots (1,440 in person, or 720 in the current context, and 9,600 possible connections). However, the school will continue to favor teaching in groups of 40 in order to ensure optimal support for each student. The system's total capacities might be used occasionally for events such as the Geopolitics Festival. Thanks to this innovation in education, classes can be taught in any imaginable configuration and can use all existing tools and software in order to guarantee the quality of teaching no matter the situation.

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