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News & Nominations January 2018

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Global Business Outlook reaches a peak!

The Duke University - Grenoble Ecole de Management - Tilburg University Global Business Outlook survey has been carried out for more than 20 years to measure the business outlook of CFOs around the world. The survey gathers approximately 1,500 answers from businesses of all sizes across all sectors. The survey also reports on risks and anticipated growth for participating businesses. The fourth quarter survey of 2017 ran from Nov. 21 to Dec. 7.

Key results from the study:

  • Europe reports a record high optimistic outlook (66.9 versus 63.4 in the third quarter)
  • With Germany (78.6) and France (64.5) at the top of the scale, European countries all report a business outlook over 55, which supports sustainable growth.
  • In the U.S., the business outlook continues to improve to reach 68.6 versus 65.9 last quarter.
  • Overall, business outlook is high throughout the world.
  • 52.4% of European companies report an acceleration in terms of innovation over the past 3 years. They responded to this acceleration with increased investments, in particular in R&D.

A majority of CFOs report a desire to decrease their working hours which can be more than 65 hours per week, in particular in France

Project manager: Philippe Dupuy
Project team: Philippe Dupuy (GEM),John Graham (Duke University), Luc Meunier (GEM), Alain Scordel (DFCG-INP)

Managing Customer Disappointment

Managing customer dissatisfaction has becoming a key stake for organizations. Developing a client-oriented culture can improve financial performance, innovation and transformation. The book “Management de l’insatisfaction client” provides a reference guide that explores the expertise of professors, researchers and business practitioners. It provides readers with a complete overview of current challenges. The book includes experiences shared by companies such as BNP Parisbas Cardif, Best Western, Decathlon, Seb and Trusteam Finance. The book is oriented towards practical and operational advice with 20 best practices based on the AMARC*. The book was coordinated by Benoît Meyronin, a professor at Grenoble Ecole de Management, Marie-Louis Jullien, AMARC general delegate, and Stéphane Bourrier, president of AMARC and the director of customer experience at UCPA.

* Association for the management of customer complaints

Management de l’insatisfaction client. Benoît Meyronin, Marie-Louis Jullien et Stéphane Bourrier. 208 pages. Vuibert


  • Guillaume Jacques, GEMIFC 1999, was named vice-president of products for Sage Europe South. He is also a member of the executive committee. He previously worked in marketing, product management and business development for groups such as Bosch Siemens, Konica, Minolta and Sagem.
  • François Galand, GEM ESC 2011, joined Meeschaert Private Equity Fund as private equity associate. He previously worked as a manager for KPMG transaction services.