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News & Nominations May 2018

News in brief


A new identity for GEM

GEM launched its new brand platform to guide all of its communications and unite its various stakeholders around a single, unique and inspiring brand. "At Grenoble Ecole de Management, we want to go beyond education and research. Through movement, experimentation, and thinking in action; through our ability to create alliances; through our expertise on the management of technology, innovation and entrepreneurship; through our strong local ties as well as our national and international development, we wish to offer concrete solutions to overcome the next major challenges for humanity," explains Loïck Roche, Director of Grenoble Ecole de Management. With this guiding vision, the Brand, Digital and Communications Department at GEM joined forces with the Super Regular agency in Grenoble to create a distinctive identity. Super Regular is specialized in brand strategy and design having worked with many companies such as Botanic, Michelin, Fusalp, Schneider and Opinel.

A unique brand identity

The goal was to create a coherent brand platform to unite the school's various communities and reinforce the distinctive GEM identity. This important overhaul was designed over the course of more than a year's work and built upon the brand's history, strategy and diversity. The first tool to be created via this new identity is a corporate film focused on current societal challenges. It was created by the Grenoble Keep-it up agency. The film serves to inaugurate the launch of GEM's new unique brand image. It unites all of the institution's defining characteristics: deep roots in technology, the vitality of its students and employees, its strategic international and geopolitical position, its evolving logo and its pioneering spirit that has continued ever since 1984.

The global business outlook confirms positive trends

The Duke University, Grenoble Ecole de Management and Tilburg University Global Business Outlook study has tracked the business outlook of CFOs for the past 20 years.

GEM Lab Studies reports on the outlook of French CFOs in comparison to European and international counterparts. The school also comments on the potential risks for companies as well as predictions for key management and growth ratios.

The study for the first quarter of 2018 ran from February 13 to March 1, 2018.

Key results

  • The European business outlook remains steady at 67 (versus 66.9 last quarter).
  • France reported considerable increases to reach 70.1 (versus 64.5 last quarter). The most favorable European outlooks are to be found in Germany (76.8) and Switzerland (75).
  • In the U.S., the reforms implemented by President Trump further increased the country’s positive outlook to 71.2 versus a preceding 68.6.
  • New technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence are now widely known by CFOs. However, their integration is expected to take several years.

Projet manager: Philippe Dupuy, Projet team: Philippe Dupuy (GEM), John Graham (Duke University), Luc Meunier (GEM) Alain Scordel (DFCG-INP)


  • Jérôme Drevet, GEM ESC 1995, was named director general of IDC France, the leading global supplier of consulting and studies for new information technology. With 20 years experience in sales management, including 12 years at IDC, and an MBA from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Jérôme is able to understand and review the entire scope of action at IDC. This promotion comes at a time when the organization is undergoing a radical transformation of its local structure.
  • Mathilde Ferriol, GEM MS 2018, was named data privacy officer at Vectaury, a supplier of drive-to-store solutions for retail shopping. She joined Vectaury in 2016 as correspondent for IT and privacy issues as part of a team dedicated to the topic.