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News & Nominations May 2019


GEM renews AMBA accreditation 

In April, Grenoble Ecole de Management was re-accredited by the AMBA. The AMBA is a global association that judges the quality of higher education programs, and in particular MBA and DBA programs. The association’s accreditation is held by more than 200 business schools in more than 70 countries. The evaluation process analyzes factors such as a program’s feasibility, the quality of its content and teaching, and the school’s missions, resources and development projects. GEM is part of the 1% of business schools worldwide that hold a triple accreditation from EQUIS, AACSB and AMBA. The school renewed all three accreditations over the past six months.

Participate in GEM admissions and graduation interviews!

Every year, Grenoble Ecole de Management invites professionals to participate in the admissions and graduation process for the Grande Ecole Program. This opportunity enables professionals to meet and exchange with students as well as other working professionals and teachers from a wide variety of fields.

This year’s admissions interviews will be held from May 27 to July 5, 2019. Participants must be willing to take part in at least a half day of interviews. Interview panels include a GEM representative and one or two working professionals. During the interview process candidates will present a subject for five minutes, after which the candidate will interview jury members for ten minutes before concluding with 15 minutes of free exchanges.

The graduation interviews will take place from July 9 to 11, 2019. These interviews serve to validate a graduating student’s skills thanks to an oral presentation.


GEM launches international incubation network

Grenoble Ecole de Management is launching an international incubation network in order to offer international locations for global entrepreneurial projects. IncubaGEM started in Grenoble before expanding to Paris and then San Francisco in 2017. The San Francisco branch’s first startup, founded by Emilie Bernier, was aimed at analyzing opportunities for a youth hostel chain in the USA. IncubaGEM is now aiming to expand to London and Milan, followed by Singapore and Tel Aviv.

IncubaGEM currently supports 50 startups and has supported a total of 276 since its creation in 2011. The incubator focuses on three fields: digital (50% of current projects), food industry (20% of current projects), alternative sectors (CSR, ecology, sustainable development, etc. 10% of current projects). Notable fundraising efforts by the incubator’s recent startups include 12.5 million euros for Wizbii, 10.5 million euros for ISKN and 600,000 euros for Pulse Origin. Approximately 40% of incubated projects since 2011 have now become companies (110 companies), of which 60% are currently viable (64 startups) with 269 employees.


  • Christine Chiu, GEM ESC 2012, became secretary to the BNP Paribas executive committee. She previously worked for the COO of general inspections at BNP Paribas and was responsible for staffing the inspector workforce and heads of mission.
  • Charles Dernoncourt, GEM ESC 2014, became general manager of Serame, a family-owned SME in Hauts-de-France. The company specializes in creating and manufacturing autoreels. Charles is aiming to position Serame as a world leader in its sector.
  • Caroline Duret, GEM ESC 2000, was named deputy general manager in charge of development at Webedia, a French company specialized in online media. She previously worked as general manager of Obviously (2017), general manager for RadiumOne (2012), head of advertisement at Attractive World and then Skyboard (2009), head of advertisement for (2007), and head of customer service at Telecom Italia
  • Anne-Claire Le Ho, GEM ESC 2003, was promoted to associate at Colombus Consulting. Before joining the company, she spent five years in the Information System department at Renault, including two years as executive secretary for the Informations Systems Directorship.
  • Béatrice de Noray, GEM ESC 1996, joined the Bel Group as general manager of Bel France. She previously worked as head of Coty Luxury France (Calvin Klein, Gucci, Hugo Boss, etc.). She began her career at Proctor & Gamble where she worked 13 years as customer and trade marketing manager, director of corporate strategy France (2004), national director of sales in France (2009), deputy director of international clients (2011), and general manager of P&G Prestige France and Benelux (2014).
  • Jean-Pierre Mesic, GEM ESC 1997, became general manager of the Ibérique region for the Renault Group. He joined Renault in 1998 as marketing assistant for Renault Poland before moving on to head of Tunisian development for Renault Trucks (1999), head of major fleets (2001), head of sales in Marseille (2003), head of the Lyon network (2005), head of marketing for used cars and fleets (2007), head of major sales accounts (2009), head of Renault and Dacia fleet sales (2011), vice-president of the group’s used fleet and car sales, and general manager of the Adriatique region for Renault-Nissan (2016).
  • Barbara Stenzel, GEM ESC 2007, was named head of trading at CCM Benchmark, a subsidiary of the Figaro group. She was previously monetization manager at Smart Ad-server and head of trading at RhythmOne (ex-Radiumone).
  • Daniel Venera, GEM ESC 2017, joined the consulting branch of the Adveris digital agency. He began his career as marketing and sales assistant at Médiametrie (2016) and then joined One Heart Communication as head of digital marketing projects (2018)