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News & Nominations September 2018


A comic book to share the secrets of entrepreneurial success

Séverine Le Loarne-Lemaire, a researcher and professor at GEM and expert on entrepreneurship, published a comic book (Histoires d’innovation) that offers practical advice for decision-makers through illustrations, simple text, academic references and tools.

Using the “easylearning” method, the book calls upon various cognitive functions to boost the memorization of ideas, creativity, emotions and logical reasoning. Each double page is divided into four parts:

  • A comic strip that tells part of the story
  • A text that explains a business situation to match the story
  • A column of definitions for related academic concepts
  • A tool box to implement best practices

The comic strip helps readers learn how to segment their company’s activities, overcome strategic obstacles, or boost creativity and ensure creative ideas are accepted by an organization. There is also all the information you need to overcome the glass ceiling by finding the right partner or to successfully launch a company using an incubator.

This comic book offers essential knowledge and tools for any manager or entrepreneur to better understand and capitalize on innovation.

Histoires d’innovation Séverine Le Loarne – Illustrations Roger Brunel – Editions Pearson


  • Anne Penet-Grobon (GEM ESC 1990) became the director of capital investments at Société Générale Capital Partenaires (SGCP). She previously worked as managing director in charge of tech, media and telecoms sectors for La Société Générale. SGCP will benefit from her expertise as the company continues its Tech investment fund project.
  • Nicolas Seriès (GEM ESC 1992) has been the president of Zeiss Vision Care France since 2010. As of October 1st, 2018, he became responsible for all sales and service structures within Zeiss France, which includes medical tech, microscopy and metrology. Nicolas began his career at SiampCedap before joining Kis.