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Put A Stop To Digital Overload: The guide for good digital practices is now available in English

sollicitation numérique Le guide des bonnes pratiques numériques
Published on
16 May 2022

After the success of the first French version published in 2017 by the Digital Organizations & Society chair of Grenoble Ecole de Management, the guide for good practices to fight digital over-solicitation is now available in English.

This new version appears after a period of health crisis during which digital tools have become indispensable to maintain professional activities as well as contact with loved ones. Its objective: to help avoiding mental overload in order to increase our efficiency and reduce our anxiety.

This entitled "PUT A STOP to digital overload!" guide proposes concrete and easy to implement solutions to fight against digital over-solicitation.

Confronting our brain to a multitude of information and tasks would seem to be dangerous for our health and would affect our efficiency. These different solutions can be applied for both personal and professional life and are based on research conducted by Caroline Cuny, Doctor in cognitive psychology and researcher at Grenoble Ecole de Management, in collaboration with researchers from Grenoble Alpes University.

This booklet is designed to help readers change their use of digital tools, with easy to access and retain quizzes, tips, and illustration. The colors range from red for alerts to blue for best practices.

Some tips you can find in this guide

  • Choose the right communication channels: only one channel per type of interlocutor,
  • Plan uninterrupted work slots: 30% of time is lost due to interruptions,
  • Take some breaks without any digital tool and leave some space for your mind to escape and not to think about work,
  • Agree with colleagues or other employees of the company on a good use of digital technology.

Download the guide

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