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QS Rankings: five programs of Grenoble Ecole de Management recognized in the rankings

QS Rankings: five programs of Grenoble Ecole de Management recognized in the rankings
Published on
09 September 2021

QS Rankings are an annual event for five programs of Grenoble Ecole de Management (GEM), since four years. Released by QS on September 9, the Master rankings 2022 evaluates the MBA and three thematic programs, in addition to the EMBA Ranking’s publication released on June 23. Ranked amongst the top 100 of more than 200 programs, GEM strengthens its international visibility.

Master in Marketing Ranking: GEM is ranked 7th in France
Ranked 20th worldwide amongst 105 other programs, the MSc Marketing Management has been a part of the rankings since the first version four years ago. At the time, only 70 programs were ranked which of the MSc Marketing was ranked 36th worldwide.

Master in Management Ranking: GEM is ranked 9th in France
The MSc Management in International Business (MIB) is ranked 38th best in the world amongst 155 other programs. It is one rank better than last year. Despite the Covid impact on the international aspects of the program, the MSc MIB gets an 87.7 score out of 100 on the Diversity indicator (geographical representation of the cohort and faculty members, gender ratio).

Master in Finance Ranking: GEM is ranked 7th in France
With three worldwide ranks more this year, the MSc Finance gains the 52nd rank amongst 179 programs. This ranking includes 124 programs more than the Financial Times' Master in Finance ranking! Published in June 2021 and based on more selective participation criteria, the FT's ranking evaluated only 55 programs. The MSc Finance was then ranked 19th worldwide and 7th in France.

Global MBA Ranking: GEM is ranked 8th in France, 34th in Europe
With 286 programs ranked this year, QS published one of the largest Global MBA rankings. GEM's Full-Time MBA is ranked within the 101-110 program category worldwide.

EMBA Ranking: GEM is ranked 6th in France, 23rd in Europe
Published on June 23, the 2021 EMBA ranking evaluates 176 executive programs across the world, GEM's Part-Time MBA is ranked 55th worldwide. The program gets its highest score on the Career Outcomes of the graduates. Gaining an 85.7 score out of 100, the Part-Time MBA gains the 20th rank worldwide on this criteria.

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