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Recruitment Testimony: Rohit SINGH, Credit Research incoming Intern, UniCredit AG

Published on
19 June 2020

Rohit SINGH, MSc Finance, shares his impressions on his internship search during this special period.

In September 2019, I got selected for the CFA Research Challenge 2020 which gave me some hands on experience in the research field. The CFA Challenge made me fascinated and intrigued for the field. Hence, I decided to find an internship in this field to get some more professional experience though I was applying in other positions as well just to diversify but I was always hoping to get something in this.


The GEM Career Center helped me a lot in this process. The team was always ready to help and used to reply very quickly to any email no matter how silly the questions were. The Career Center also organised events every week to help us ace the interview or teach us how to network to find jobs/internships. 


I have sent a lot of applications using all the job portals like Glassdoor, JobTeaser, LinkedIn,,, gethighered and many more. 

The best one that helped me find this internship was the GEM Career Center’s job portal. There are many new offers posted every day on the portal which makes it very useful. This was my first interview in this process and I got selected for it within a few weeks. After getting selected I received 2 more interviews which I had to reject as I already committed to UniCredit. The process of searching for an internship is tedious and sometimes very depressing when you get a few rejections but in the end it all works out well. There was a time when me and my friends were ready take up any internship but now the same people have multiple offers to choose from.  


For my internship in UniCredit AG, I will be working in the corporate investment banking division as a credit research intern. I will analyse the corporate bonds that the client are holding and check regularly if there is a downgrade to a risk of default for any bond. I will analyse the potential investment in bonds also and assess all the risk of investing in the bond.


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